What makes e-liquids better for your lifestyle than tobacco cigarettes?

What makes e-liquids better for your lifestyle than tobacco cigarettes?

People who suffer from different kinds of diseases like COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are recommended to stop smoking in order to take care of their health. Due to such restrictions on smoking, there are several of these patients who have turned to e-cigarettes as they contain e-liquids which are accredited and accepted by the FDA. The FDA and the Public Health England had also declared them to be a safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes which are directly related to fatal diseases like cancer.

Though there are have been several nicotine alternatives, one among the most popular ones are the e-liquids as they contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin apart from few additive flavourings which are all FDA-approved. Before you buy your e-liquid from buyv2cigs.co.uk, here are few reasons why e-liquids are better for your lifestyle.

Reason #1: E-liquids help you save your dollars

Electronic cigarettes are much less costly as compared to combustible cigarettes. The conventional pack of tobacco cigarettes will cost you somewhere around $7 and $19, based on the place you live. On the contrary, one cartridge of e-cigarettes is equivalent to a full pack and will cost you only $2. Don’t you think that a savings of $4 to $9 is enough savings per every pack? If you can fill the cartridge all by yourself, you can save more money.

Reason #2: E-liquids help you smoke less

When you begin to smoke a tobacco cigarette, you will feel obliged to smoke the entire cigarette which causes more harm to your health. But on the other hand, in case of an electronic cigarette, this lets you take few puffs and then keep it for some other time. This will help you in smoking less than what you do with tobacco cigarettes. You also won’t feel that you’re burning your dollars by taking a look at the ashtray.

Reason #3: No bad odor of smoke

When you smoke, this makes your clothes, hair and breath smell of smoke which is a really bad odor. On the other hand, even if you vape electronic cigarettes inside a car, there will be no smokey odor. Since you breathe in vapor, you can bid goodbye to smoke odor as there is no smoke involved in the entire process of vaping. You just have to switch off the e-cig and put it inside your pocket.

Therefore, with such worthy reasons to vape, don’t you think vaping will certainly become a common habit? What’s your reason to switch to vaping and quit smoking?


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