7 Top Reasons Behind Your Sleepless Nights During Pregnancy And Their Cure

7 Top Reasons Behind Your Sleepless Nights During Pregnancy And Their Cure

We may anticipate a lack of rest or sleep after the baby is conceived however relatively few of us truly understand exactly what it is so difficult to get a decent night’s sleep while pregnant? In the initial 12 weeks of pregnancy, a lack of rest with early pregnancy depletion is one of the first pregnancy indications.

So why there are the sleepless nights if you’re a having a baby? But don’t stress over it, as we have tracked down 7 top reasons behind your sleepless nights during pregnancy and their cure

Baby Kicking

Your baby tries to stretch out the limbs to relax or more, and that is why you feel the kicks especially at night when it is sleeping time it feels much. These types of kicks are the part of baby’s normal development. The baby creates reaction instantly to changes in the environment, especially when it feels some noises outside.

Be that as it may, don’t stress he/she will do pretty often after she/ he’s conceived. Perhaps realizing this will force you to get more sleep. Try to relax and appreciate the kicks.


Pregnant women commonly develop heartburn especially at night when it is sleeping time. It feels like a burning in the chest. Up to 50 percent of women experience heartburn at sleeping time. It is dangerous at any time of a day especially much problematic when its sleep time.

To get rid of this problem, you must eat small meals, eat slowly, and avoid fast foods like burger, pizza, cold drinks, etc before going to bed, sleeping in more upright position-Adjustable bed base is best for real sleep.

Constantly Urination

Constantly urination is a common problem for sleeping during pregnancy.

Especially during the first and third trimesters. Your kidneys are striving to channel that extra blood, which likewise implies you’ll have to pee all the more during pregnancy.

Add to that an expansive baby utilizing your bladder as a trampoline, and you’ll be set for the toilet hourly the whole night!

Keep on drinking a lot of liquids while pregnant, but you must avoid drinking anything an hour and a half before sleep time.

Napping Too Late

We know you’re depleted, yet on any chance that you take a power nap during the day, make it before 3 p.m. At that point, it’s better not to meddle with the sleep you get at night (try sleep cycle length-keep the rest around an hour and a half).

Cramps of Leg

There are a couple of things more painful than cramp. It is must make wake you up!

If you get a leg cramp to try to extend the muscles by moving and jolting your foot until it dies down. If it keeps cramping longer, you can put an ice pack to ease the cramping. Ensure you are drinking a lot of water during the day and maybe do some light stretching before sleep.

Nasal blockage and snoring

Before taking a saline spray make sure your spray uses a proper nasal spray pump from a market leading nasal spray device supplier to avoid irritation and other  infections.

During pregnancy, you may feel like you always have a stuffed-up nose which can meddle with your breathing as you trying to sleep. You’re likely to snore and ruin your partner’s sleep more than your own.

Use a saline nasal spray which is alright for use during pregnancy and stop for a moment to talk with your healthcare supplier on the off chance that you’re snoring is connected to rest apnea.

You can’t get Comfy

Your ever-developing tummy makes it extremely hard to find a decent position to sleep in, and you most likely wake yourself each time you are trying to move. During pregnancy it is suggested that you sleep on your left side – it encourages bloodstream to the placenta. Twin mattress size bed is the best for your comfortable sleep


It is better to put the habit of sleeping on your left side in pregnancy. You will move in the night so you’ll end up alternating between the two sides yet try to use your left more. Utilize soft pillows to help your tummy as it will help you relax and sleep better.


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