Smokeless Tobacco- Is it worth the Hype?

Smokeless Tobacco- Is it worth the Hype?

The most common form of using tobacco has been through smoking which for centuries has been primarily promoted by industries involved in the production of cigarettes. However, the widespread option has not entirely eliminated other forms of using tobacco which continue to defy the test of time. Most notable has been the use of smoke-free products with the snus becoming a currently trending alternative for a lot of tobacco users. This product from Sweden might have begun causing a lot of market interruptions over the past decade, but it is not a new invention in the country where it has been used from as early as the 18th century.

What is snus?

If you are familiar with chew or snuff, then the idea of snus is not strange as this product is a moist form of the dried tobacco which has been steam-pasteurized. There are two main product categories of snus which are largely determined by their packaging namely loose snus and portion snus. Loose snus comes in small cans where the powder is purposely molded to a spherical shape for ease of use. Portion packed snus, on the other hand, are pre-packaged in small sachets which look like teabags in smaller quantities.

How to use snus

First-time users can order snus from SnusDirect and have the tobacco alternative instead of sticking to smoking which has a lot of health effects. The simplicity of using snus is one that can easily be mastered as all that is required for one to do is to take pre-packed sachet or use the thumb and index to take a small quantity of the powder from the delivered can. Using the free hand, you then proceed to make a wedge out of the quantity removed from the can before placing it under the lower lip.

At a time when there have been increased demands for smokeless alternatives to tobacco for the millions of users worldwide, snus makes the cut of the most suitable option. Not only is the product loved because users do not have to smoke it, but the special processing ensures that no spitting is necessary as with other products such as chew and snuff. Tobacco users, therefore, have in snus an alternative that will see them leave smoking besides giving them the benefits of not having to spit every time they use to which is irritating to a lot of non-users and not considered healthy.

All the benefits that come with using snus products have been made simpler with the online ordering process from which gives everyone access to the smokeless tobacco. The only limitation is in countries where there is a ban in the use of oral tobacco products where the suppliers do not make any shipments to in line with governmental regulations. A huge percent of countries nevertheless have no limitations to the exportation of snus from Sweden which comes packaged in tightly sealed cans for guaranteed freshness. Snus is to the modern society more than hype but a rich tradition which the Swedish are offering to the world as a solution against smoking cigarettes and is bound to grow over the coming years as most people find relief in its use.


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