5 steps to a younger, happier you

5 steps to a younger, happier you

Once the cold weather starts to creep in and the dark nights take their toll, it’s easy to feel fragile, miserable and a little grumpy. It’s normal to be a little out of sorts and there’s nothing like feeling the chill of a cold wind right through to your bones to make you feel old and cranky. There are many ways we can try to look and feel ten years younger, whether it’s a highly rated retinol eye cream, a weekend retreat at a spa, or having a drastic hair restyle at a new salon in town. But what if you could look and feel younger without doing something radical?

Don’t believe me? Read on for 5 simple ways you can look and feel a little younger.

Get enough “sexercise”

We all know the benefits of exercise, but if you really want to look and feel younger you need to head to the bedroom. The release of endorphins, the mental boost, the relaxing of the mind and the increased connectivity between you and your partner are all things that will make you look and feel younger. It’s a pretty fun way to achieve that elusive “natural glow”!


It’s a known fact that smiling makes us look attractive and makes us feel good! It might be more difficult some days than others but flashing those pearly whites a little more will give your confidence and your mood a much needed boost. If your smile is a little duller than it used to be, then don’t worry: treat yourself to an over the counter whitening kit. Or really splurge with a whitening session with your dentist.


Many of us never really got the chance to travel when we were younger. So, why not try it now? It doesn’t have to be a three month trip around the Far East, just head to somewhere completely new. Get lost within the winding city streets, meet the locals and try all the local delicacies – push yourself out of your comfort zone and you’ll never want to go back to it!

Unleash your creativity

We get so bogged down with deadlines and the mental pressure of completing everyday tasks, whether that’s at work or at home we often forget how liberating doing something creative can be. It takes us back to when our responsibilities weren’t as intense or demanding, so think of something creative that you always loved doing – or something completely new – and dedicate some time to it. Painting, drawing, writing poetry or even a play – you don’t have to show anyone if you don’t want to.

Treat yourself to some chocolate

Too much sugar is bad for you, we all know that. But treating yourself to a little chocolate now and then is actually a good thing. Dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants and can also help lower your blood pressure. Only dark chocolate though – I’m afraid white, milk or hot chocolate won’t have the same effect, but you can still enjoy them in moderation.


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