Why You Need a Dehumidifier In the Basement

Why You Need a Dehumidifier In the Basement

For those who are privileged to have this all too useful space in their house, they will attest to the fact the basement can get neglected over time. When correctly lined and ventilated, a basement can be turned into a storage space, home office, workshop, spare bedroom or even a home entertainment room. To properly optimize this space for its intended use, it’s imperative to put in some extra time and effort maintaining it. The basement is an integral component of the home’s foundation and to avoid structural damage as well as expensive repairs, keeping it dry at all times is highly recommended.

How is Moisture Detrimental to a Basement?

A damp basement often leads to the growth of mold in addition to causing dry rot on the wood. Furthermore, it can cause health problems such as asthma and allergies. One of the most obvious signs that a basement is humid is a damp feeling on the skin. There may also be a musty smell, which is often indicative of mold growth. One should also look out for condensation on cold surfaces such as windows as well as peeling or cracking paint on walls and floors among other painted surfaces. One may also notice visible rot and decay on wooden surfaces as a result of high humidity levels. These signs of dampness in a basement need to be addressed promptly lest they lead to further damage down the line.

Combating Humidity

The most obvious step taken when looking to combat humidity is investing in a dehumidifier, which is especially important if one spends much time in the basement. However, solving a humidity issue may require more than merely installing a dehumidifier. One needs to overrule other underlying problems such as a plumbing leak or poor ventilation. Subsequently, they can invest in a basement dehumidifier, a portable standalone appliance fitted with certain features that enable it to function more efficiently in the underground environment.  The best dehumidifier is capable of extracting the excess moisture from the air effortlessly thus keeping the humidity levels to a minimum and the air safe for breathing. While dehumidifiers vary regarding size, price and functionality, investing in one will help to solve the following issues.

  • Bad Odor

The basement is extremely susceptible to bad odors due to exposure to moisture over a prolonged period. A dehumidifier is especially important for basements used for smoking, gaming, and entertainment. This appliance also goes a long way in enhancing air circulation within this space thus providing fresh air for the occupants. Some dehumidifiers also come equipped with carbon filters that help in getting rid of the bad stench and keeping the basement dust free.

  • Poor Air Quality

The amounts of debris, allergens as well as humidity in the atmosphere largely determine the quality of air in one’s home. Most people invest in air purifiers as well as utilizing inexpensive methods like houseplants to purify the air. However, if the humidity level in the air is not kept in check, the chances of getting enhanced indoor air quality are minimal. Stale, humid air also has the potential to cause health problems mostly related to the respiratory system. Therefore, the removal of excess moisture is a critical step in rendering the basement habitable.

  • Energy Inefficiency

Damp or humid air is typically denser than dry air. It, therefore, follows that regulating the temperatures of damp air is more challenging when compared to dry air. This means that the home’s air conditioning systems may have to work harder to regulate the temperatures in a humid space. This ultimately translates to high energy costs thus making a basement dehumidifier indispensable.

The Bottom Line

With so many dehumidifier models swarming the market today, it’s easy for one to get an appliance that’s just right for their basement. The most important thing to consider is the size of the basement as well as the levels of humidity. Dehumidifiers also come in multiple sizes ranging from compact, portable for small spaces, to huge appliances that service larger areas. One should also consider the energy efficiency and sustainability of running a particular dehumidifier. The market is also peppered with manufacturers who offer multifunctional dehumidifiers. It, therefore, is advisable to check online reviews to determine what brand is the best choice for one’s space.


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