Everything You Need To Know About Excavator Drill

Everything You Need To Know About Excavator Drill

Excavator is a heavy duty machine, which is widely used in construction industry and other heavy work sites. For its easy mobility on surface it has wheels or chain tracks. The machine comes with various tools and sizes that you can pick as per your work needs. Excavator is capable of performing tough work with ease that too in less time. Here are some common applications of it.

  • It is used to remove woods in forest
  • Used for grading work as well as for landscaping
  • It is used to drill in rocks and land
  • It is used in Mining industry
  • It is used in Installation of piles in foundations and digging of foundations

Types Of Excavators

Crawler excavator:

 It is a compact and heavy duty machine which is use to lift heavy materials and to dig or drill in mining areas. It moves with the help of chain track instead of wheels which makes it more stable and efficient. Due to its chain track it is best machine to use in hilly areas as it will not get slide down easily during its work. It will help you in performing tasks that a hydraulic drifter can do. You can also  use them for doing things like trench digging, hole digging, cutting, crushing and lifting.

Backhoe excavator:

It is a heavy machine in which two construction units combined in one machine. It is small in size as compare to other excavators. It has a loader at back and digging backhoe at front end of it. It can perform two functions simultaneously i.e. digging of land and loading of waste material into dump truck or trolleys. It is compact in size and can easily fit in tight spaces too.

Suction excavator:

They are also known as vacuum excavators as it allows extraction of solids and liquids by the process of suction. A long suction pipe is attached at its back that will use to carry away loose soil and debris. It is used for underground interventions, and makes it easy and quick.

Dragline excavator:

It is heavy duty machine which is slightly bigger among all other excavators. It is mostly used in mining tasks because of its flexibility and utility. Mining of coal, petroleum is done with the help of these machines. They are very heavy and can damage road if moving here and there, hence its part assemble or built on site and fix it there for long period of time.

There are many tools which can attach to excavators for different kind of work, here is the  list of some excavator attachments:

Hydraulic Drilling tool:

It is a great tool for drilling and digging related tasks. It is very powerful tool and use hydraulic principle to make hole or to drill in rocks or land. It works very efficiently and effectively also save time and money.

Digging Bucket:

Digging bucket attachment is used to dig a hole in soil or land. It is used in construction sites for digging purposes. Many types of digging buckets are available like frost bucket, tunneling bucket, heavy duty digging bucket and more.


It is used for handle the heavy material in construction sites or to clean up the disaster.


It is used to lock excavator attachments such as bucket, thumbs and grapples with machine. It ensures proper coupling between tool and machine and protects them from sudden loosening.


Just like drill rigs, thumbs help in doing things like grasp rock, concrete, branches or heavy building material and help to move them from one place to another. It has serrated edge which provide strong grip to material.


It is a tool having long and tough teeth which are helpful to clear land waste from all sides and corners.

So, that was all about excavator and its equipments!


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