How to Choose a Flatbed Trailer Rental

How to Choose a Flatbed Trailer Rental

What are flatbed trailer rentals? This type of trailer rental has become a popular option for shipping. Flatbed trailers are a multipurpose and cost-effective method of transporting items that are anywhere from standard to oversized loads.  The flatbed trailer rental options that are available through many trucking companies allow for the safe and secure transport of customers’ large and oversized loads. 

What Are Some of the Features of a Flatbed Trailer?

The flatbed trailer rentals that you can choose from are anywhere from eight feet long to the extra long fifty-three-foot trailer. There are also features on each trailer, such as a “gooseneck hitch,” “step deck drop,” and a “double drop.”  The step deck or double drop permits the trailer to handle your taller items for transport. 

When you use a gooseneck hitch, there is much more flexibility when you need to stack items for shipping.

Some flatbed trailer rentals have the capacity for handling loads that are 100,000 pounds or more; such as the ones available at Roadlinx; therefore, in most instances, there is no need to wonder if your shipment will all fit on one flatbed trailer.

Flatbed trailers were made to handle heavyweight and otherwise oversized loads; these trailers are highly durable, capable of enduring the most extreme conditions of weather and terrain. 

The Difference between a Step Deck and Flatbed Trailer

The big difference between these two types of trailers is how high the shipment can be stacked on the trailer.  These trailers are both very adaptable and can be loaded and unloaded with ease; the step deck and flatbed trailer have standard sizes ranging from 48 to 53 feet in length with the maximum weight capacity of 48,000 pounds. (Again, this is standard weight capacity; as mentioned above, there are some flatbed trailers with a much higher weight tolerance.)  The maximum height for a flatbed trailer load is 8’ 6”; if your shipment is going to exceed this height, it is going to require a step deck trailer. With all the same durability of a flatbed trailer, the step deck trailer features a lowered deck which has the capacity to allow much taller loads. 

The biggest difference between these two flatbed trailers is that with the step deck trailer, the lowered “step deck” allows for a load to be stacked much higher, which keeps the transportation logistics to the minimum. 


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