4 Ways to Take Your Man Cave Decor to the Next Level

4 Ways to Take Your Man Cave Decor to the Next Level

The Man Cave.

That coveted area of the home designated exclusively for the man of the house. Bachelors, husbands and fathers alike all appreciate the brilliance of having a space to call their own – a space that allows them to get away from it all for just a few minutes and enjoy a bit of vacation from the day-to-day hustle and bustle without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Another beauty part is that size doesn’t even matter with the man cave. Whether it is the size of a closet or the ground level of a family home, it is much better to have a small space than no space at all. How, though, can you make the most of that space? What steps can you take to maximize the décor and make it as exciting, engaging and enjoyable as possible regardless of the amount of space available?

Below is a guide that walks you through four ways to elevate your man cave décor to the next level – making yourself happy and your friends jealous.

Enjoy Neutrality While You Still Can

You may have to take sides during the normal day-to-day life at work, school and even while watching football games with your friends. However, the one place you can be neutral is in the man cave – especially when it comes to the color scheme. Remember: This is the one place in the home that you can control. Your significant other may want multicolor schemes and themes in other places of the house, but the simplicity of neutral colors in the man cave will reassure you that you are in a “safe space.”

Focus on gray, white and black as your cornerstone colors. Doing so will keep the rest of your décor flexible, according to Better Homes & Gardens. Regardless of the direction you choose for your layout and overall design, everything will coordinate instead of clash. Once you get the foundation in place, you can accentuate the space with pops of orange, red and other bold colors.

A Consistent Theme is Crucial

To ensure that your safe space remains engaging and enjoyable, it is recommended to maintain a consistent theme. Focus on the primary objective of your man cave and the purpose you want it to serve. Will it be a cozy cave just for you or a party spot that will serve as a getaway for the guys? Do you want the main focal point to be your bar, your seating, your gaming options, your entertainment center or any other specific area? Once you identify a specific focal point and objective, you will be able to build a consistent theme around it.

Keep in mind that the worst thing you can do is have a chaotic space that seems to be all over the place with its design and overall setup. When someone walks into the area, he or she should know exactly what to expect from it – which makes it easier to stay engaged with what is offered by it.

Make Your Bar Look like a Bar

Instead of going to the bar for a good drink, why not allow your man cave to have a bar of its own? This is one of the key areas where your budget will play an integral role. For instance, you can take the lavish route with an actual bar, liquor pourers, shot glasses, shelving and even bar clothes to wipe it down when you are done. However, even if you cannot live the lavish life with your bar, simple steps will still suffice.

Perhaps you may have a counter, cabinet or even corner that you can designate as your bar area. A mini-fridge will help to keep the beverages cool and ready to serve. You may even hang a neon sign on the wall that says “OPEN” or shows a foaming beer mug to help breathe life into the theme for you and your invited guests.

Accessorize, Accessorize and Accessorize

Breathing new life into your man cave is all about the accessories and the details. You do not need to conduct a major renovation of the space each time you want a different look or vibe. You can just focus on modifying or upgrading the details. For instance, a popular poster would later be upgraded for a neon sign. A card table can later be upgraded to a pool, ping pong or air hockey table. Your mini-fridge filled with beer could be upgraded to a minibar filled with liquor.

Small changes that are made strategically within your space can keep it fresh and new for you and/or your guests without burning a major hole in the part of the household budget you can use for it. More importantly, you will never get bored with the space and can continue to personally enjoy your very own man cave for many years to come.

Lara Douglas is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.


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