The Best Recipe Apps to Discover New, Tasty Meals

The Best Recipe Apps to Discover New, Tasty Meals

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of searching through pages and pages of recipes only to realize that, no matter how long I search, I’m probably never going to find what I’m looking for. It’s time to bring grandma’s cookbook into the modern age! As most people do, I decided to consult the internet to find a solution to my cluttered cookbook cabinet, and in the process I discovered recipe apps. I found that I had one overall reaction to the apps I tried: Why haven’t I done this before?!

Recipe apps are great because they bring hundreds of easy dinner and dessert recipes straight to you – no searching necessary. I simply have to type in the food I’m in the mood for or what I have in my kitchen, and BAM! A recipe. I can also locate vegan alternatives, diet meals, and create easy dinners for my entire family. The website I found to be most helpful when initially picking out the apps to use is called AppGrooves. It was incredibly convenient and insightful for my app discovery so I’ll include the link below so you can check it out if you’d like!

Best 10 Apps for Finding New Recipes

Now, let me list and provide a short review of my top 3 apps.

Learn about healthy kitchen habits with Kitchen Stories

An app I really enjoyed is Kitchen Stories because it’s like constantly having someone around to teach you about healthy cooking and improve your kitchen habits. It features an easy-to-use interface – awesome for beginners – step-by-step photos, and videos with recipes for everybody; even vegetarians and vegans. Kitchen Stories will also generate shopping lists for the recipes you select in order to make shopping easy, efficient, and family-friendly. After all, wandering around a grocery store aimlessly while you have kids in tow is not helpful for anyone.

Something to keep in mind about Kitchen Stories is that you will have to sign into your account in order to use the app. No worries though, because this means you can save your favorite recipes and access them again in the future! Not to mention, there’s a truly vast collection of simple, time-saving recipes, and each one has clear, easy-to-follow instructions. You’ll just have to decide if the extra 10 seconds it takes to sign in is worth it.

Browse more than 2 million recipes with Yummly

I also really enjoyed discovering new recipes with Yummly because it provides an extensive selection of more than 2 million recipes to choose from. You’re able to organize your favorites and get personalized recommendations based on your personal dietary needs. What’s really nice is that you can eliminate recipes with foods you’re unable to eat, whether that’s because of a food allergy or diet type, like veganism. Your favorites can then be broken down into step-by-step instructions, which allow you to recreate your chosen recipes with ease. Yummly also lets you construct a shopping list as you choose the recipes you plan on making for the week.

If you have extreme dietary needs, it’s possible the selection of recipes available to you may be limited. What’s nice is that the developers of Yummly are constantly adding new recipes and expanding the platform in order to better suit users with all kinds of dietary needs. Over what’s hopefully a short amount of time, the creators will continue to improve the already impressive selection of recipes, and it definitely seems like it will only get better from here.

Make tasty, low-calorie dishes with Runtasy

When it comes to choosing recipes, at least for me, it can be tough to determine exactly how many nutrients are present in a dish. If I’m on a diet, or on those days when I know I want to pay extra attention to what I’m eating, it’s not always easy to come up with these stats on the fly. However, while using Runtasty, I discovered a wide array of new (and sometimes unusual) low-calorie dinners that tasted good and had an assortment of nutritional facts. Each recipe provides a run-down of protein, fat, and calorie content. There are also 7 key videos with a range of culinary techniques to help make cooking a lot easier and more enjoyable for those of us with beginner-level cooking skills.

You’ll want to note that Runtasy may not have a recipe for every type of dish you want to cook. On the plus side, you can always take the unique techniques learned from Runtasy videos and other recipes, and apply them using your own creativity. Who knows, you might even invent a new dinner recipe that everyone will love!


Every busy cook needs a secret supply of easy recipes and some tips and tricks to make great meals. With the three apps I’ve included above, you’ll be able to find a huge selection of vegan recipes, vegetarian recipes, and many other easy dinner recipes at the click of a button. These user-friendly cooking apps feature simple, savory, and easy recipes that make cooking more accessible to everyone – even those of us who aren’t so skilled in the kitchen. So, if you’re anything like me, I hope you’ll consider giving these a whirl.


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