The Most Amazing Beaches in the World

the most amazing beaches in the world

Summer is coming, and we desperately dream of a vacation. But what can you do if you are not so interested in Turkey and Egypt, and the soul asks for something new? You are sitting and thinking of clicking the button India e-visa. Luckily, our planet is full of various surprises.

Even such banal pastime as rest on the beach or walk along the shore can turn into a fairy tale or an unforgettable adventure. It is time to go to the best beaches in the world, from which you just catch your breath!

Glass Beach, California

In California, in national Park Mackerricher,there is a picturesque and striking in its nature beach. Its name “glass” is not symbolic, but quite real. For a long time, people literally demolished, brought and dropped glass objects. Since 1967, periodically some activities have been carried out to clean up the beach, but nature has done more successful work.In 2002, residents and even tourists began cleaning the coast. Almost all household garbage was taken out, and pieces of plastic and glass under the long influence of waves were smoothed. Tourists come here to see how the glass was mixed with sand.This place became a real picture of a kaleidoscope.

Glowing Beach Of Maldives

If you want to make an unusual and even fabulous photo on the beach, then go to the Maldives. In addition to the perfectly beautiful golden sandy beaches, the local calling card is also the sea that can glow. In fact, on the shores of the Indian Ocean, you can see bioluminescent phytoplankton at night. You will be amazed by an interesting game of highlights and the contrast between the literally black night sea surface and bluish glow. This spectacle creates a sense of magic. But swimming with water fireflies is strongly not recommended, it can lead to toxic poisoning.

Pink sand beach, Bahamas

the most amazing beaches in the world water When we want to relax in a beautiful place, we cannot help thinking about the Bahamas. And indeed, the Bahamas attracts tourists from year to year. However, not only servicing makes us happy, but also golden beaches and clean water fascinate us. Here you have a unique opportunity to see the pink sand. This is a pink beach on Harbor Island.Pieces of coral and shells make this beach pink. The waves crash on the rocks, seashells break and swim to shore, where they are mixed with sand. Butthis fact is not so interesting. After all, much more attractive is the story that the goddess of the ocean sends her tender kiss to this beach. Maybe, that’s why there is an eternal romance.

Black Punaluu beach, Hawaii

We are used to the fact that a good beach is a white sand and blue water. Nevertheless, sometimes nature amazes with its choice of colors. This time she surprises vacationers in Hawaii. At the local Big Island, ocean waters wash ashore volcanic lava, but it is already frozen.Black sand mixes with white one and significantly prevails. This unusual soil, however, is absolutely safe. Therefore, you can lie down here for sunbathing without fear. Who knows, maybe you will tan faster on such sand.

Green Papakolea beach, Hawaii

Greensand is not necessarily ground or discarded algae on the beach. In Hawaii, colored and has a slightly different nature. The fact is that on the Big Island, next to the black volcanic sand, there is a beach Papakolea. Here in the sand, Hawaiian diamonds are mixed.This is also a volcanic substance, but it is called chrysolite and has a greenish tinge. Depending on the lighting, the beach changes its color from light green to dark olive. Alas, you cannot take this beauty with you. Taking out even a pinch of it is strictly prohibited. However, you have a chance to walk and enjoy this miracle.

Star beach, Iriomote

the most amazing beaches in the world stones

It is not about the beach, where the most popular actors and performers gather. In fact, the Japanese beach is really stellar. Here, you can see small stone stars instead of the usual grains of sand. They are the skeletons of foraminifera, little residents of the ocean. But when they got to the shore, they dried up and turned into such stars. So, if you have a big desire to make a wish, travel to this wonderful place.

Cow beach, India

Cow in India is a sacred animal and therefore has the right to soak up sand at the water’s edge. It is clear that the sanitary conditions on the beach are far from ideal, but it is cattle that attract many tourists. Such a neighborhood is not found anywhere else in the world. So, if you want to delight such an extraordinary beach, apply for an India e-visa, and hurry to visit it.

Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

the most amazing beaches in the world cold

Here warm underground springs with thermal water come to the surface. You can dig your own mini-pool right in the sand and enjoy a pleasant and useful bathing procedure. By the way, in comparison with the sources, ocean water is quite cool, so the number of procedures can include contrasting baths.

Red Beach, Greece, Santorini

The bright red sand of this beach is of volcanic origin. Red beach is considered to be the hallmark of the island, and its image is always found on postcards and guidebook covers. It is noteworthy that the local sand is never heated under the sun, but to walk on it is still quite uncomfortable because of the sharp edges and a sufficiently large size of grains of sand, which can be compared rather with small pebbles. By the way, Santorini has such a variety of colorful beaches, which you will not find anywhere else in the world. In addition to red, there are black and white beaches. If you dream to discover a big variety of colored beaches, Santorini is a perfect place to do it.

Bowling Ball Beach, USA, California

Huge rounded stones really resemble giant bowling balls. These boulders have been sanded by the surf for many hundreds of years. The beach is surrounded by rocks and consists of a fairly soft rock, which is washed away by the sea, providing it with new “blanks” for the manufacture of bowling balls. So, be ready to play bowling on the beach.

White beach Hyams beach, Sydney

the most amazing beaches in the world great view

White sand is seemingly not something you can amaze with.  However, we usually mean light gold by “white”. You can find a really white beach in Australia, near Sydney. It is worth to drive 140 kilometers and in the Bay of Jarvis, a unique landscape welcomes you. Even vacationers in the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic do not dream about such beauty. The sand here is so clean and white. Its physical characteristics are suitable for scientists. Technicians, for example, use grains of sand to produce lenses for spyglasses and telescopes. In addition, this beach is not overshadowed by garbage, you will not find it here, and the beach is carefully cleaned and controlled.

Purple beach, California

You know many different beaches in the world. But we are willing to bet you have never seen purple sand before. If you are interested in relaxing on the beach, where you get the most unique photos, then go to California. In the center of the state, on the coast of Big Sur, behind the rocks and the line of hills, there is a gleaming purple beach.It feels like you are walking on a lavender field with fallen flowers. The reason for this transformation is spessartine, the lens reflecting the sun and creating an unusual color. It is especially great here in the evening when the sun sets and its rays play on the water and on the lilac surface.


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