5 Affordable Healthcare Education Options for Moms

5 Affordable Healthcare Education Options for Moms

For working mothers, thinking about going back to school can be very overwhelming.

Between your work and kids’ schedules finding time for studying, going to class, and taking tests seems impossible.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

The good news is, there are career options today that provide education online, on weekends, and in under 2 years total time to degree completion. The programs are designed for busy/working individuals. (Moms!)

Today I’m going to share a few allied healthcare careers that meet these education requirements.

These careers pay competitive salaries and just may be the next smart career move for some of you working mothers out there.

Physical Therapist Assistant (2 years)

Physical therapist assistants are in growing demand and find their jobs very rewarding in both pay and satisfaction. They assist Physical Therapists in implementing their treatment plans for patients.

Some responsibilities for PTAs are:

  • Understanding and explaining the patient’s treatment plan
  • Showing patients how to perform exercises
  • Tracking patient progress and adapting their treatment as needed
  • Performing a number of administrative and office tasks

Physical therapist assistants often work with disabled and handicapped patients, injured athletes, elderly, trauma victims, and more.

On average, PTAs earn $52,160 in the U.S. and completing physical therapy assistant school only takes 2 years. So, for many mothers this may be a career that provides more for your family and won’t break the bank to get started.

Medical Assisting (9 months – 2 years)

Recent salary data shows Medical Assistants earning over $32K annually in the United States.

Perhaps more important than competitive salary is the growth in job demand for medical assistants, currently projected at 29% during the next decade by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Also important for mothers, is the flexibility offered, as MAs can work in tons of places like family doctors, general clinics, hospitals, ER rooms nursing homes, any military branch, ophthalmology clinics and more!

So, this is one career choice offering many different paths for moms to pursue and grow into.

You can pursue a certificate or an associates degree to become a Medical Assistant in person and/or online. Total time to completion will take 9 months to 2 years to finish your education and the cost may range from $1,400 – $9,000.

Dental Assisting (9 months – 2 years)

Another secure and growing field that pays well is Dental Assisting seeing as more and more people will always need dental care.

The dental field typically draws in professionals who have a prior interest in teeth, you should already know if that is you or not. Some people just have a special thing, call it a small obsession, for teeth and when they do they should work in a dentist’s office.

So, if you are interested in teeth but not sure about the education investment to become a dentist, then consider a dental assisting career that you could begin in as little as 2 years.

Most of the dental assisting education programs are not only affordable but will cater to a working mother’s schedule with online coursework and weekend or night classes.

Athletic Training (12 months)

This job is not just for men although it does appeal strongest to former athletes. Additionally, anyone who is a sports fan would thoroughly enjoy an athletic training career.

Working with athletes either appeals to your or it doesn’t. Although the demand for athletics and athletic trainers grows every year, this is a career that should be chosen based on interest and passion. If you love sports and competition then you will enjoy working with athletes.

Athletic trainers find their work very rewarding and will tell you they are satisfied in their careers. So, if you love watching sports then definitely consider working with athletes as a trainer.

As a bonus for moms, you may find work as an athletic trainer for your kid’s sports teams!

Occupational Therapist Assistant (2 years)

Most people are not familiar with the field of occupational therapy and aren’t clear on what occupational therapists and their assistants do.

Which is unfortunate because every year OT careers are rated as some of the most rewarding. Meanwhile salaries are competitive and the field is growing.

Occupational therapy assistants work with mostly disabled or debilitated patients enabling them to be more independent in their day to day lives. Passing the NBCOT OTR exam is a requirement to become a licensed occupational therapist in the United States. Use the practice questions by TrueLearn to help you prepare for the exam. Use the practice questions from TrueLearn to help you get ready for your test. You have a targeted and efficient way to improve your knowledge and confidence in this line of work because these questions have been created to closely resemble the occupational therapy board exam.

OTAs work with a variety of patients who may be disabled, pediatric, geriatric, or recovering from a trauma or surgery.

What are you waiting for?

So, now those dreams of having a competitive salary and working in healthcare, can become a reality.

With these affordable options that cater to working mother’s schedules, you can be finished with school in under 2 years at a price you can afford.

So, what are you waiting for?! Good luck!

Author bio:

5 Affordable Healthcare Education Options for Moms authorCrystal is a mom and a medical assistant who blogs at medical-assistant.us. When she isn’t busy chasing her kids around, or giving someone shots, you can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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