Expedite Your Alcohol Licensing Process

Expedite Your Alcohol Licensing Process

If you operate a business that sells or serves alcohol, the state of Texas requires that you maintain a valid license. Obtaining that license can be a lengthy process in itself and your business may be unable to operate until your application is approved. While that process can be lengthy, enlisting professional help can speed up the waiting period.

Working through a consulting group, you can cut down the time the application process takes significantly. For business owners trying to obtain their alcohol license without help, the process can take as long as six months. However, the right consulting groups can help you obtain your TABC licensing in as little as two months. This means you can open your business to the public much sooner than anticipated.

In addition to helping you speed up the process, professional consultants can guide you through the application process. As with any type of state licensing process, obtaining an alcohol license for your business requires filling out forms, submitting documents, and meeting important deadlines. Without professional help, you may fill out a form incorrectly or miss a deadline. Just one such error can delay your application process that much more, costing you more time and money.

When you are ready to hire an alcohol license consulting group, it’s best to look for a firm that operates offices throughout the state. This ensures the consultants working with you will be well-informed about local, regional, and state licensing laws. The more experienced and knowledgeable your consultant is, the more efficiently he can guide you through the process.

It’s recommended that you begin the licensing process at least 120 days, before you plan to open your business. For that reason, you should begin looking for a consultant four to six months in advance. If you can get a consultant assisting you with your application early in the process, there’s less of a risk of making mistakes. Their goal is to help you get your license as efficiently as possible, but they can’t help you, if you don’t hire them early enough. Working with professional consultants can help you get your bar, restaurant, or other business running in a shorter time.


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