60th Birthday Party Ideas

60th Birthday Party Ideas

60 is the age when you turn in the senior category, so how would you like to give a special day to your that loved one who is turning 60 this year. Many creative ideas can be planned out for 60th birthday party.

  1. A day out with school friends

Friends are always the best part of one’s life, and if they are the old school buddies then any day would become special. So this 60th birthday give your loved ones a full day out with their school friends.

You can arrange for a small lunch at home or even book a restaurant, everything should be according to the wish of the birthday girl or the boy turning youthful 60. If you are having this school friends party for a 60 year old at home then best would be have a menu which would be according to their taste buds.

60th Birthday Party Ideas group photo

  1. A casino night with friends and family

How about spending the 60th birthday with friends and close family members playing your luck out in the casino in your city. There are many casinos who hold these birthday bashes for the person concerned with round of card games and fun time.

Fun , games, cash prizes what else can be start of the 60th year, with your friends. Here would be variety of activities in the casino to celebrate this special day. If you are planning for such a party then you can also arrange for a cake cutting on the casino table. If you are looking birthday party ideas for your mom then here are some more 60th birthday party ideas for mom.

60th Birthday Party Ideas letters

  1. A photo collage

This 60th birthday give the person you love the most gifting him or her with a beautiful photo collage with the birthday wish. So first thing in the morning this wish would be greeting them on the breakfast table.

Take photo of each of the family member holding a wish and make a collage, and put it on the breakfast table with a cake with a 60 number candle, well what a start it would be of the special day. Just a reminder that they are loved and remembered always.

60th Birthday Party Ideas lit up

  1. A small dinner at the backyard

Sometimes it is good to celebrate birthday with peace and serenity, so how about arranging a small dinner with automatydogier some close friends and family at the back yard. Turning 60 should be celebrated with grace and a touch of fun.

Some lights around the dinner space and some good food on the barbeque grill, what else can be asked for. You can arrange the table in some creative way to make the birthday boy or the girl feel special and young at 60.

60th Birthday Party Ideas outdoor table

  1. A casual drink party with some snacks

60 is not much of an age, and a drinking party can be easily arranged for the loved one. So invite all their friends and also few family members who would love to join the drinking celebration.

You can arrange the tables quite creatively with markers to indicate the type of drink or snacks one would like. Use chalks to write on the wooden table, the feel is classic and vintage at the same time. If you are planning for your dad’s birthday then you can also explore some more 60th birthday party ideas for dad.

 60th Birthday Party Ideas searing outside

  1. 60th birthday party at their favorite restaurant

With the busy life schedule it is sometimes quite stressful to arrange a party at home. So this 60th birthday just celebrate it at their favourite restaurant nearby, where they can have many memories from the past.

Invite all the family members and some very close friends of the birthday 60 year old kid, and book a space in the restaurant with all the needful arrangements, starting from the decoration and menu selecting, with the help of the restaurant people.

It is not necessary to make any extra decoration as sometimes the restaurants have nice ambience and decor which would be an addition to the party. But you can easily arrange for the special 60th birthday cake for the special person.

60th Birthday Party Ideas picture frame

  1. A family photo shoot

Turning 60 is quite an essential time, so why not gift with a photo shoot along with the people they love. Hire a professional photographer who would be able to bring life to these pictures with their emotions.

Also have a small lunch after the session or you can just have some snacks to end the session. These photographs would be eternal and priceless as starting their senior years with 60 would always remind them of the love they have around them.


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