THC Detox Kits: How They Work

THC Detox Kits: How They Work

If you are a frequent consumer of marijuana products and have a drug test coming up for a job interview or for other personal reasons, you might be running towards THC detox kits after hearing about how long marijuana metabolites can hang around in the body. Some people have tested positive for THC for months after the last time they ingested the drug, especially if they were heavy users.

But are these supplements and herbal cures actually worth the money? The best rated THC detox kits claim that they accelerate the metabolism and excretion of THC as well as mask their presence in the urine.

This result is achieved primarily through the use of naturally occurring herbs, one of which is fruit pectin. Fruit pectin is a type of fiber that changes the excretion method of THC metabolites from urine to the feces. THC metabolites bind to fruit pectin which is then excreted via feces as opposed to being washed away in the urine. This is one way to keep metabolites from appearing on a drug test.

Other common herbs in detox drinks function to accelerate the human metabolism, yellow root and red clover being some of the more commonly found ingredients. How these work to help excrete THC is by accelerating the excretory process. One pathway these herbs use is by acting as a diuretic to allow you more quickly eliminate the drug from your system. Other times, these drugs simply function to kickstart your metabolism into burning more fat cells to release the pent-up stores of THC.

The reason why kickstarting your metabolism helps flush your system of THC faster is because a large amount of THC is stored for long periods of time in your fat cells, leading to a slow release of THC over time that can consistently be picked up.

Those types of detox drinks work best if you have a little bit of time before the test, as it is dependent on you being able to metabolize the remaining THC in your body before the drug test, something that can’t be done overnight.

There is a second type of detox drink that function for a short window of time that essentially quickly flush your body of THC for a very short period of time. In medical terms, this is known as producing a false negative. The instructions on these particular drinks say that you should drink them within two hours of your test and go to the bathroom once before having to take the test and then drinking copious amounts of water.

The way these drinks work is by quickly flushing your system of detectable THC, not all of the THC that is actually stored in your body. By eliminating the THC currently in your urinary tract, you have a small window of time before your body metabolizes more THC out of the fat cells and back into your urine. The excess water drinking also ensures your urine sample will be extremely diluted, so less sensitive tests won’t be able to pick up any metabolites that accidentally made their way through.

No matter which drink you decide to go with, it is important to understand how their ingredients work and which one is best for your particular situation. Both styles have their benefits and their pitfalls.


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