Finding the right mattress for you

Finding the right mattress for you

Finding the right mattress for your body type can be a real problem.

                There are numerous factors that you have to consider and sometimes, it is easy to get lost among various options and reviews placed in front of you.

                While we often see such a purchase as a real hassle and mattresses as nothing more than items placed on our bed, there is much more to them. These products are used first and foremost to protect our wellbeing making sure we have good sleep. It is also hard to understate the importance of a mattress for our back.

                In order to buy a good one, you don’t have to be an expert. Nevertheless, some basic knowledge is required so you can make an educated purchase. Here are some things you need to consider.

Do I need a new mattress?

                Before even considering a purchase, ask yourself: “Do I really need a new one?”

                Never forget that these items are crucial for our back health. Still, we shouldn’t also overdo it buying a new mattress every 5 years. They tend to be really expensive so we need to be financially sound when making the decision.

                So, when it the best time to buy a new one?

                Basically, a mattress can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Some of them last even longer. It all depends on the material being used. If you have the means and you have a bad back, you might as well consider changing a mattress on every 8 or 9 years just to be on the safe side.

                When buying a product, make sure that’s the right thing for you. Some people tend to buy low-quality products thinking to themselves “I will buy a new one in a few years” and they never do it. We tend to forget all about mattresses as they are usually covered. So, make sure to buy something that can last for at least 10 years without having to be replaced.

                Best way to tell whether a mattress is too old is based on the quality of your sleep. If you can’t sleep well or if you’re waking up in pain, then make sure to change the one you’re currently using.

Planned budget

                The second main reason why mattress purchase is such a big deal is that of the price.

            Same way you wouldn’t want to buy something that will endanger your back, you wouldn’t want to buy an expensive mattress that will perform poorly. And these products tend to be expensive.

            For example, the cheapest ones you can get are around 300 dollars. Regular mattresses are sold for around 1000 while some of them can go well above that.

            Keep in mind that the price is not always an indication of quality. Still, it can be an approximation. When purchasing mattress makes sure to avoid going for the cheapest ones. While some cheap items will outperform their similarly cheap competition, that doesn’t make them good.

            Mattresses that costs around $1000 is a safe bet. If you want to go for something a bit more luxurious, you can buy a King or California King for around $1500.

            Warranty is another factor that needs to be considered. If you get a longer warranty, this is a good sign that you’re buying a quality mattress that is meant to last for a while.

Firmness and sleeping position

            Your sleeping position dictates what type of firmness you need.

            When it comes to firmness, mattresses range from 1 to 10 with 1 being the softest and 10 the stiffest. People sleeping on the side need softer beds ranging from 2 to 6. People sleeping on their back need something stiffer, with a range from 4 to 7. Lastly, people who sleep on their back need the stiffest mattresses with stiffness from 5 to 8.

            As you notice, we don’t recommend extremes such as 1,2, 9 or 10. While there are some people who can appreciate very soft or very hard mattresses, they are not for everyone. Instead, it is much better to go for a big more extreme stiffness that will perfectly complement your sleeping position.

            With these tips, you will make a great choice during your next purchase!


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