How to Plan the Ultimate Birthday Blowout

How to Plan the Ultimate Birthday Blowout

Whether you’re turning sweet 16 or hitting the landmark ages of 30, 40 or 50, it’s only right that you celebrate in style. Everyone deserves to be surrounded by their friends and family on their special day, so why not plan a big birthday bash? In this post, we’ll discuss exactly how you can plan the ultimate birthday blowout.

Picking the Perfect Venue

When you’re planning a blowout birthday bash, the venue is your most important consideration. If you’re keeping an intimate feeling, then your home may be the perfect location. For larger bashes, you may rent out a function room or even a local village hall if the numbers are vast.

However, none of these particularly have a grandiose and opulent feeling to them. If you’re planning a blowout, then it may be worth contacting events specialists who can find you the perfect location without any of the fuss.

Get the Guest List Right

Make a list and check it twice.

When you begin to plan who is coming to your party, it’s easiest to make a list. This way, you won’t miss anyone out.

Making lists and marking off who you’ve already invited will also help you keep an eye on numbers. If you’re inviting plus ones, costs can spiral quickly, so keep an eye on numbers when you’re inviting people.

Send the RSVPs

Although you can ask people in person and mark them off your list, for a blowout party, you should add a little style. Sending personalised invites with all the event information can make a big difference and add a personal touch, particularly if your party has a theme.

If you don’t quite have the budget for this (hundreds of invites can be expensive), then you could always set up a Facebook event.

Spend Your Budget Wisely

Food – Once you have RSVPs confirmed, you’ll know exactly how much food to order. Buffets are a common choice. With this, you can either prepare the food yourself or ask a catering company. They’ll often charge per head, so make sure you know exact numbers.

Decorations – If you’ve picked a theme, decorations should be a simple choice (just ensure you don’t blow your budget). If you haven’t got a theme, balloons and banners will probably suffice. This way, you can spend your budget elsewhere.

Entertainment – Keep your guests entertained with games and entertainment. Remember that many of your guests may not know each other, so splitting people into different teams at the start can be a great way to break the ice and get people mingling.

Planning your blowout birthday bash may feel time consuming, but it’ll be well worth the effort. So, gather all your friends and family and have the blowout celebration you deserve!


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