The Complete Guide To Visiting Barcelona

The Complete Guide To Visiting Barcelona

If you haven’t booked your summer vacation yet then holiday rentals in Barcelona are well worth considering. Spain has long been a popular destination for tourists, and Barcelona, in particular, is a great location. The city has so much to offer for all types of people. Women can spend the day sunbathing, whilst their other half enjoys a football game at the famous Camp Nou.  If you think Barcelona may be the place for you, then read on to discover the top eight reasons you should consider visiting the beautiful Spanish city this summer…


1) The warm weather

Let’s begin with the obvious; the weather in Barcelona is fantastic. If you want to top up your tan and come back to England with a gorgeous natural glow Barcelona is the place to do it. August is the hottest month in the city. If you go during this month then you can expect temperatures to hit around 29 degrees Celsius. Of course, this is very hot, yet it is not to the point whereby it is unbearable. Therefore you can get a tan and enjoy doing so!

2) Beautiful beaches

What good is warm weather without a beautiful beach to enjoy it on? As Barcelona is situated across the coast you can rest assured that there are huge stretches of fantastic golden sands. These offer the ideal place to relax, enjoy the sun shimmer against your skin, and have fun playing bat and ball in the sea or going for something faster paced with water sports.

3) Stunning holiday rentals in Barcelona

One of the best things about Barcelona is the fantastic selection of villas for you to stay in whilst in the city. It is definitely worth browsing on the internet and taking the time to find somewhere beautiful. Not only this but try and find somewhere with a private pool. Most villas do and this is a great luxury to have whilst in Spain.

4) Succulent food

You cannot deny the fact that Spanish food is simply to die for. Freshly sourced and extremely delicious; you will enjoy all of the traditional dishes on offer. The best way to start off your vacation is by enjoying tapas in a local restaurant. This gives you little portions of various different types of food and so this is a great way to try a bit of everything and become accustomed to the Spanish cuisine.  

5) World class football

If you are a football fan then Barcelona is a must visit. Camp Nou is home to Barcelona FC and they are one of the most successful football clubs in history. If you aren’t fortunate enough to be in the city when a game is on then you can always take a tour of the stadium. The Spanish season usually starts towards the end of August. So keep an eye out for the fixture release. You may be lucky enough to witness Barcelona v Real Madrid.

6) Place to party

If you love nothing more than a night on the town then you will adore Barcelona. The city is well known for its budding nightlife and therefore you can party until sunrise if you wish. Gorgeous cocktails, friendly and enthusiastic locals, popular music, and an electric ambience; what more could you possibly want?

7) Picture perfect

If you are looking to create a travel scrapbook (or make your friends jealous by posting loads of pictures on Facebook), Barcelona is ideal. All you need to do is imagine the beautiful twinkle of the sun against the clear blue sea to get a taste for the stunning views you will witness.

8) Shop until you drop

And last but not least, ladies whilst your man is at a Barcelona match, why not go wild in the shops? Barcelona plays home to some fantastic stores; including high-street retails, local designers, and world famous names.


As you can see, a visit to Catalonia’s capital is a must. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, yet it arguably has the most to offer in terms of fun, intrigue, and personality. Because of this, it can be quite difficult to experience all that Barcelona has to offer in a mere week or so. Nevertheless, not all of us have the luxury of taking several weeks off of work, nor do all of us have the money to spend on such a lengthy vacation. So, let’s discover how to make the most of your week’s stay whilst you are in Barcelona.

Book holiday rentals in Barcelona as soon as possible

The first thing you need to do is make sure you book your accommodation as soon as possible. As you may expect; Barcelona is extremely popular and so good accommodation options are snapped up quickly. If you book in advance then you will be able to benefit from some of the most stunning villas and other accommodation options. These truly enhance your stay and make it a magical experience. The good news is that this is easy to arrange, as there are websites online offering villas in Spain – holiday homes to rent with a mere click of a button, and sometimes only a deposit is needed upfront. Don’t deprive yourself of this opportunity by taking too long to book your accommodation.

Buy a transportation card

Not many people tell you to buy a transportation card before you visit Barcelona. Once you get there you spend ages trying to discover how to get around and it is not until the end of your vacation that you realise how beneficial a transportation card would have been. This allows you to use the bus system and the metro system and it is the most convenient way of travelling around the busy city. There are several different transportation cards available at your disposal and it is worth its weight in gold to make sure you get your hands on one. Not only will you save money but you won’t have the hassle of stressing about transport when you are out there.

Make time to go to one of the museums

There is no denying the fact that Barcelona boasts a wealth of different museums. It is recommended that you take the time to visit at least one of them. If you can fit in even more then you certainly won’t regret it either. After all, when you go abroad, don’t you want to get to know a bit more regarding what the city you are visiting is all about? As mentioned, there are lots of museums in Barcelona, nonetheless, some of the best are the Picasso Museum and the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona).

Take a trip to Parc Montjuic

Parc Montjuic is definitely worth a visit. This is an area that has something for all types of people to enjoy. In fact, this location was actually the Olympic Village for the games that took place in 1992. Because of this, you can expect to find some of the best facilities from those Olympic Games, including the likes of a phenomenal swimming complex. Perhaps the highlight of this area is the old fort which is found at the top of Parc Montjuic. This presents you with the opportunity to witness a 360 degrees view of the city as well as the port below. This is certainly a sight to behold.

Don’t ignore the obvious

And last but not least, don’t ignore the reasons why Barcelona is so popular in the first place. When staying in one of the luxurious holiday rentals in Barcelona you should make sure that you take a trip to the beach, that you sunbathe in the beautiful sunshine, and that you stroll down the famous street of Las Ramblas. While seeking lots of fantastic activities to cram into your week’s holiday it can be very easy to forget about the things that attracted you to Barcelona in the first place. So don’t ignore the beautiful beaches and the vibrant strip!

As you can see, there is a lot to love about Barcelona. If you are looking for the perfect place for your next vacation, this is certainly somewhere you should consider. However, with so much to see and do in this part of Spain, it is important to make sure you plan your holiday properly. Use the advice that has been presented above to get started.


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