Interior Design Trends Inspired by The Holiday Season

Interior Design Trends Inspired by The Holiday Season

The holiday season is a lovely time in which to spend your days with family and friends. In the home, we look to design trends from the holiday season to give our home a cozy feel. From the snowy white look of Christmas to the dark and spooky Halloween holiday, we can look at the fall holiday seasons in a way that can create inspiration for our interior designs. Below are a few ideas to get you started, finding a creative outlet to design the interior of your home based on holiday touches.

Quartz Countertops

One way to jazz up the look and feel of your home is with quartz countertops. You can achieve a marbled look with quartz that will create a lovely feel in your kitchen. White or black colored quartz can easily be used for kitchen countertops and is a nice and more affordable alternative to marble. Quartz is a better material as it is not porous, so you don’t have to worry about stains seeping down into your countertop.

The material will not stain easily or etch, and will not become dull. You do not have to take a great deal of care to protect the material, which is another bonus. Think of white quartz as Christmas snow. The image of white quartz is stunning and can bring your kitchen up from an ordinary space to an extraordinary one!

Rich Color Palettes

Another new trend emerging is rich color palettes. Homeowners are adding deeper colors to their spaces with bold greens, purples, and oranges. Such rich colors are being used for furniture and accent pieces as well as wall coloring. Consider creating a bold accent wall to spice up your home just in time for the holiday season.

Big Canvas Prints

Interior Design Trends Inspired by The Holiday Season pictures A subtle way to bring the holidays into your home year round is with big canvas prints. With large artwork, you can mix up the look of a space, creating a new design depending on the season. For the Halloween holiday, consider purchasing large prints of bare trees or haunting barn buildings. These art pieces will look great in your home as a design piece but will also work as a way to enjoy the holiday.

Big canvas prints can be purchased online, which makes it easy for you to find new options for your home décor. Easily change out the artwork for various holidays or seasons to give your space a new look. For a more industrial personalized feel, consider metal prints. These have the same concept as canvas, just on a different material. With customized prints, you can easily add a personal touch to your home for the holidays.

Reclaimed Wood

Interior Design Trends Inspired by The Holiday Season ornaments

Another great design element that is taking over the industry is reclaimed wood. This type of wood creates a rustic and warm feel. Reclaimed wood can be used in many ways in home design, including in the décor as well as holiday decorating. You can use reclaimed wood as a total design element, using wood boards to create wall paneling for accent walls or even as flooring. This type of reclaimed wood usage would create an overall rustic appearance in your home. The wood would then be a backdrop for your holiday decorating.

Reclaimed wood can be used in other ways as a permanent fixture in the home. Use the wood to create a chunky fireplace mantel or in the furniture of your space. Reclaimed wood has unique texture and coloring that creates a neutral and comforting look in any home.

Rose Gold

A wonderful metal accent that is making its way into today’s design trends is rose gold. This metal coloring is beautiful and a nice change of pace from the traditional silver and gold. You can add this metal in your design in several ways including light fixtures and accent pieces. Add the coloring to your holiday décor for a unique touch this season.

These are just a few design ideas you can use to add a new trend to your space year round or during the holiday season. Start with something small and build your way up to new design as you have fun redecorating your home.


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