The benefits of gaming chairs over office chairs

The benefits of gaming chairs over office chairs

Most gamers have no preference for gaming chairs, other than the obsession to secure the best features for their PC to boost the gaming experience. Nonetheless, figuring that as a gamer you spend quite a significant amount of your time sited on a chair, it is selling yourself short if you have not considered buying a gaming chair, and thinking that you do not need one.

Other than looking cooler as concerns design and colors, gaming chairs have incredible advantages and benefits to gamers. The following are some of the best advantages of gaming chairs, in comparison to office chairs:

Ergonomic features for comfort

Gaming chairs are specially made for comfort, bearing in mind that gaming is a form of entertainment.some chairs have a Best Ergonomic Office Chairs design and can be comfortable, the thought that goes behind making an office chair is not necessarily elevating comfort for pleasure and entertainment.

Gaming chairs feature a design that is body-hugging, encapsulating your body and backrest in such a way to reduce stress and tension in the primary pressure points, that is the lumbar region, neck, shoulders, headrest, and generally the entire spinal column, which explains why gaming chairs come with adequate padding all around, flexibility and extra pillows.

Increased air circulation

Gamers go through intense sessions while gaming, which result in tension and a lot of sweating. Manufacturers of gaming chairs realize this factor, which is why the gaming chairs are made to improve the air circulation through gaming sessions.

The materials used in covering the exterior of gaming chairs are made in such a way they are breathable to allows air to flow back and forth. The noble gaming chair is among the brand of chairs that come with a variety of material geared towards this function.

Many customization and adjustment options

Sure most office chairs can adjust to height and move around the room, but gaming chairs have a higher level of adjustability. With gaming chairs, it is convenient for every person, short or tall, big-bodied or small-bodies, to find a suitable chair for them.

Gaming chairs not only adjust for height but also, can recline, some up to 180 degrees, allowing for naps in between sessions. Further, some gaming chairs have adjustable armrests, with retractable footrests, and what else screams comfort and pleasure than such a chair? The fact is, it is easier to customize a gaming chair into what you want than it is for an office chair.

Prevent slouching

Gaming involves a lot of body movements and frequent changes in sitting positions and postures. For this reason, gamers might result in slouching especially after long hours of sitting.

With a gaming chair, however, there is a lower chance of slouching, if any. Some gaming chairs automatically adjust to one’s sitting position, removing the need to configure the chair to the perfect sitting posture manually.

Gaming chairs prioritize comfort for health

While office chairs are made with the priority of purpose, gaming chairs are built for comfort and health. In light of the many hours involved in gaming, it is likely that gamers suffer health issues likes backaches, spinal complications, and even neck strains.

Gaming chairs are fitted to cater for health factors, with some chairs like the Herman Miller Embody taking it a step further by improving blood circulation and reducing heartbeat pace in intense games, as cited by its manufacturers.


As specific as gaming chairs are made for gaming, most of them can serve different functions, one of which is befitting as an office chair. The idea of having an office chair is adjustability enough to complement the purpose, for instance, working in front of a computer desk.

Gaming chairs can flexibly fit into the office space and serve such a purpose while still being used for gaming, napping or watching movies.

Extra features

Gaming chairs are not just made for sitting on and comfort, but for offering extra features that elevate the pleasure of a gamer. For a fact, some gaming chairs come with additional features that on office chair cannot come close to, including, surround systems, massage function, foldability, connectivity to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, not forgetting, USB ports and compatibility with different consoles.

Gaming chairs also offer variety as concerns design and color, making it more probable for all gamers with different preferences, particularly visual interests, to find an ideal chair. All these features make a gaming chair more versatile and unique, which makes more reasons why gamers should consider using a gaming chair for gaming over an office chair.

Looking at how much an office chair has to offer in comparison to the benefits you could derive from a gaming chair, it is safe and sure to say that a gamer needs a gaming chair, not an office chair. Fortunately, there are a variety of gaming chair options in the market or you can check out all the latest updates about gaming chairs available fromĀ, so it should not be that difficult to spot a perfect choice for you.


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