Where to Get Inspiration in New York City

Where to Get Inspiration in New York City

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There are a few cities in the world that are hubs of creativity. Something about the vibe of the town brings designers, artists, models, photographers and more. The melting pot of creatives produces groundbreaking artwork, and pockets of up-and-comers flourish. A great is example is New York. For instance, did you know that NYC is home to the most significant population of designers in the whole of America? The old saying that New York is the city that never sleeps is true. From dusk till dawn there are hundreds of people creating magic. But why?

What is it about New Work that makes young creatives flock to it?

Because it is an always-open-always-something to do or see kind of place, the creative juices never need to stop flowing. From catching inspirational art exhibits in the MOMA to unwinding and watching something like Waitress on Broadway, there is always something for the creative intellectual.

Strand Bookstores is a cave of delights. It doesn’t matter if you buy books to put on a shelf and gather dust or collect books of a particular color. This place right here is a veritable institution. Not only will you feel the need to write burn through your veins as you walk in, but you’ll get the bug to crack some spines and read. The bookstore has been around for around 80 years and is the home of more than 2.5 million books. It is THE place to pick up rare or out-of-print books. If you are a lover of numbers, then this gem is right up your street – there are over 18 miles of books inside this place. It, of course, houses new books too. The point is if literature is your thing (or maybe even if it isn’t) this place is for you.

The Brooklyn Bridge is not just a one hit wonder. There is a reason so many people choose to take slow strolls from one side to the other. The Manhattan skyline as your backdrop, for photographers you’re hard pushed to find such a willing and worthy subject. Along the bridge, you will see love lock after love lock. Who knows if those couples are still together? This walk provides the perfect space for you to run through your ideas, to look out onto the water and find some new inspiration. If you chose to walk this during the day, take some time and head to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. If you time it right, you might get to enjoy a free outdoor movie in the park during the summer. Perfect.

Broadway was mentioned above but deserves some more time. It doesn’t matter f you manage to snap up some cheap tickets, or you splurge on some high priced stall seats – what matters is that you spend some time here. Watching dancers swing, or float across the stage, the lights cast long dark shadows, and the look on entrancement on the faces of the audience gives endless new perspectives. There is everything from storytelling, to improvs and are all worth grabbing seats at. If you aren’t one for booking in advance, you’ll be glad to know that you can also catch an open mic night too.

Getting out, and getting some fresh air can often be all you need to clear to cobwebs and put paid to that writer’s block you’ve been dealing with. Central Park is the most obvious (and often easiest choice) place to head to. You could pack some lunch and find a shaded spot under a tree to people watch, perfect for thinking up or fleshing out new characters. Or you might like to stroll through the zoo, and bounce some ideas off some bears? The lush green of the park is perfect for kick-starting your brain. If you don’t feel like walking works for you, then maybe you’ like to take to the water in a boat. The gentle bobbing of the water and seeming isolation is often enough to get hit with an epiphany.

Listening to a good conversation, watching how people interact can often be integral to creating new products, writing or directing. Anything that is people focused deserves some people watching time. Heading to somewhere like the House of Brews is perfect. There will be a post-theatre-going crowd who are looking to unwind and are looking for a no-frills beer and good company. They also serve some tasty burgers if that is your bag. Alternatively, you can head to Tonic East for a slightly more upmarket clientele.


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