Simple Ways to Keep Your Small Apartment Look Tidy

Simple Ways to Keep Your Small Apartment Look Tidy

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If you are living a busy life and work every hour you are given, chances are that you don’t have the time to clean your apartment regularly and spend a day every week going through the flat. If you would like to be proud of your space when your friends and family members are coming around and don’t’ want to have to do an emergency clean, you will need a practical schedule that will help you stay on top of the cleaning and organizing schedule. You will need to make sure that you can find everything easily and you are making the most out of your storage space, so you don’t have to spend more time on cleaning than necessary.

Minimalist Design

Apartments are designed to save space for you and the builders, too. This means that you are not likely to have huge bedrooms and living rooms. When it comes to decorating a small bedroom your best bet is the minimalist and practical design. Add storage that is hidden and makes use of the space that is otherwise not very useful. You could get a built in shelving unit that surrounds your bed, so you have enough storage space without having to get huge bedroom furniture take away your floor space.

Easy to Move Furniture

When it comes to the minimalist design of your living room, you will need to focus on furniture that is easy to move, so you can rearrange your space when you have people visiting and you need more seating. Instead of a huge armchair that takes up half of your room, you might want to opt for a storage pouf that will help you store away your throw and blankets and provide extra seating when you have people around.

Spring Cleaning Every 4 Weeks

Instead of focusing on doing the deep cleaning every weekend, and getting tired of it all, you will need to schedule a spring cleaning every four weeks when you move everything around and try to figure out ways how to make your small space more functional and easier to clean. You can order regular Carpet Cleaning services regularly, so you can stay on top of your flooring, and keep it fresh as long as possible. You might also get people to clean your windows and do your ironing regularly if you are short of time.

Natural Cleaning Products

It might also be a good idea to keep the pollution levels in your home low by using natural cleaning products instead of toxic materials. You can keep your tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom clean and shiny by using white vinegar or lemon juice. Some of the materials, such as boric acid and lemon juice will also repel different types of insects often found in apartment blocks. You can also use bicarbonate soda for cleaning the kitchen and keeping it hygienic, or get a streamer to get rid of bacteria.

Maximizing Storage

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It is also important that you have a space for everything in your small apartment, so you can keep your space presentable. From storage seats to an ottoman sofa that holds all your space pillows, throws, and bedding, to a practical shelf that will help you organize your cleaning items, there are plenty of practical ideas you can use to make the most out of your space. The less clutter you have out the larger and more organized your space will look.

Hygienic Paint

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It can also be a good idea to get some special paint and go over your walls every couple of years, so you can get rid of the dust and the stains. You can get special bathroom and kitchen paint that prevents mold and is easy to wipe clean. You might be able to fill cracks and small gaps in the wall, too. You can even paint your bedroom with it, so you can keep on top of the condition of your walls.

Washable Surfaces

When it comes to having a small apartment, you will need to make the surfaces easy to clean. You might want to have floor tiles and wall tiles wherever you can. Alternatively, you can install blocks of colorful shiny carbon fiber, so you can simply wipe the walls of your kitchen and your shower room clean after you are finished. When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, use linoleum or floor tiles, natural stone, or laminate instead of carpets which gets dirty and is prone to getting damp.

Regular Deep Clean

You will need to take care of the condition of your soft furnishing, too. If you would like to preserve the color and the shape of your cushions, your sofa, and your curtains, as well as other furnishings, you will need a professional service. You might use a steam cleaner to remove bacteria, but simply putting the covers in the washing machine will not do. If you don’t have a professional upholstery cleaner, you might want to get an industrial cleaning company to safely remove stains and dust.

Dust-resistant Polish

If you want to save time on dusting, you can also get a dust-resistant polish that will prevent buildup for at least a couple of days, so you don’t have to do this boring job every night. You might also want to get an air purifier that gets rid of the dust particles in the air.

Look Out for Hidden Dangers

Your apartment is likely to have some hidden places where dust and pollution comes from. Your air vents and your ducts are the first place to look. They will not only build up dust and debris from home improvements, but also can hide hidden dangers, such as pests and their droppings that can cause damage to your health.

Keeping a small and overcrowded apartment is not easy. You will need to create a plan and make sure that you have a regular schedule. Make changes in your routine and your furnishings to simplify the process and make it simpler to clean your home.


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