Unique Ways to Decorate A Small Bedroom

Unique Ways to Decorate A Small Bedroom

There are a lot of things you can look at to make the most out of your small bedroom and make it look classy and stylish. Using a mix of eye-catching styling and neutral spaces will help to balance the room and make sure it doesn’t look cluttered. Often a  focus point in a bedroom is either bold pillows or the main part of the bed, which you can enhance through bed throws. So what should you do to create a nice, peaceful spice in your small yet beautiful bedroom?

Let Things be Open

You might have been tempted to buy a bigger bed, but if you do this in a small place, it will make it look even more cramped. Instead what you should do is buy a small iron bed with a see-through bedhead. And go for a bed that has no footboard – This will make your room appear much bigger and more spacious. More blocks on the bed will make the room much smaller than its actual size and a lot more cluttered.

Make It Airy and Full of Light

Don’t make your room look dark. Instead, let it be well lit by diffusing the sunlight with light-weight dressed window curtains. If you let your room be well lit with light bouncing off from the ceiling and walls, it gives a nice colour shade which makes it look very appealing. Colour the walls of your room in white colour which will keep it light and bright.

Manage Storage

When you decorate a small room every inch of space is crucial as it is an area of potential storage. You can utilise the space under your bed to store lot of things. Could stash in a piece of luggage there or for that matter the bedding could be stacked. Also, systematically organise the closet and look for spaces you could make use of for storage. Be smart when decorating a small room. A floating shelf for extra storage is always a great option that minimises clutter.

When going in for a new bed try to get one with extra storage under the bed.

Find Opportunities in Every Inch

Look for different ways of decoration and make your small bedroom look special. Make use of punchy patterns and exquisite fabrics. Choose exciting lighting like a sculptural table lamp that is extra tall and brightly upholstered or curvy which adds an element of style. Make use of  artwork which enhances the beauty of your room – though not too much!

Make Use of Mirrors

Mirrors help in expanding a small bedroom by giving the illusion of it being bigger than it is. Buy a full length mirror and lean it up against the wall. Position the mirror to reflect the light of a window. This way you will also reflect natural light into the room. Position the mirror to reflect the light of a window. You could look at sourcing fair trade products which have beautiful and unique items that would suit your bedroom needs.

Embrace Minimalism

The focus of a small space should be to keep the furniture pieces and accessories to a minimum so that the space is well thought out and creates a visual impression of space. Never try to clutter the room with too many accessories as it would make the room look messy. And a messy room looks ever smaller and confined in size.

We hope these ideas will inspire you to change up your current space. Since your bedroom is the most personal space in your house, you must decorate it the way it keeps you happy.


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