7 Ways To Turn Your Boudoir Into A Zen Den

7 Ways To Turn Your Boudoir Into A Zen Den

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Of all the rooms in your home, there is one you use a thousand times more than any other. No, it’s not the so-called hub of your home that is the kitchen, nor is it the snuggly-sensation that is your living room. It’s your bedroom – that gorgeous space where you can escape the world and all its headaches for a moment or two. On average, we each spend a third of our days in bed. A third. That means we’ve spent 25 years wrapped up in our duvets by the time we reach the ripe old age of 75. That’s a big chunk of time and it begs the question: why have you not turned this into a zen den instead of living in cluttered madness?

Of course, the most obvious answers will be a) you haven’t had time, b) you don’t know how and c) you’ve been too lazy. So to help you overcome all these “I’ll do it later” excuses, we’ve pulled together a list of ways you can turn your boudoir into a relaxation and recuperation hidey-hole perfect for snatching up all the Zzzzzzz’s you possibly can. Mmmmm.

  1. Hello, Sleep Sanctuary

The first thing every big or small bedroom needs is the right vibe; the right ambiance. You want it to be a space that boasts certain sights, sounds and smells that are all completely geared up for total relaxation. Now that might sound like a super-complex process, but it really isn’t. To start with, all you need to do is grab a few bin liners and set about decluttering. It’s about having a good old tidy up, dealing with that stacked to the ceiling bedroom chair, making sure your laundry baskets are completely out of sight, out of mind, and removing any reminders of work too. Once you’ve done this, try curating those relaxation vibes by adding a pinch of lavender here, some ylang-ylang there and sprinkling some vanilla essential oils on your bedding to get that extra dollop of much-needed calm.

  1. Suck In Some Fresh Air

If there is one thing your bedroom is meant to be, it’s comfortable. That’s a bedroom essential. So get rid of all those stuffy, scratchy and itchy airborne pollutants that plague every home by popping an air purifier in your bedroom. But don’t just get any old air purifier. Try and get one that has a fan setting because what happens during sleep is your body’s core temperature drops. This means no matter how cozy you love to get, feeling too warm can actually prevent you from dropping into that all-important deep sleep.

  1. Go Au Naturel

When it comes to choosing your bedding, nothing can beat going down the natural route, whether that be rocking some down and feather pillows or wrapping your mattress in high-quality Egyptian cotton. Not only do these natural bedding options regulate temperature a lot better, but they also stay plumper for longer and last a lifetime or two. Actually, we can’t stress how important the role your bedding plays in this whole how to create the perfect bedroom environment. From your pillows to your mattress protector, your mattress to your duvet and, yeah, even your sheets; it all does the comfort dance.

  1. Bye-Bye Blue Light

According to a little-known thing called science, “our energy levels tend to rise and fall in 60 to 90-minute cycles, and the cycle just before we go to bed is key to getting a good night’s sleep.” It’s something our bodies rely on more than anything else. This means, when it starts to get a little darker in the evenings, our circadian timer switches get flicked on and these stimulate the production of melatonin (aka our sleep hormone). The reason we’re telling you this is simple: pointing a bright blue light directly into your eye from six inches away is a pretty great way of disrupting this natural process. That’s why you should buy a pretty little sign for your bedroom door that reads “Tech-Free Zone”. It’s fine to scroll through Instagram and Pinterest while curled up on the sofa but leave your phones and tablets there before heading to bed. Also, to avoid further noise, think about getting some sound dampening curtains and you fill sleep even better and better than from light obstruction alone.

  1. Welcome The Outdoors In

If you’re looking for a super-simple way to bring a bit of calm into your bedroom without redecorating or investing in weird sleep noise machines, the most amazing thing you can do is dot a few houseplants around and create a mini oasis here and there. This is because it’s been proven (yes, by that thing called science) that plants give us a massive psychological boost thanks to their natural color and that helps with relaxation and mood. We all have as we have an innate need to be connected with nature, which means the greener the plants you buy, the more of a zen den your boudoir will become.

  1. Rock A Sleep Mask

You’ve probably realized this already, but almost any amount of light filtering into our bedrooms can prevent us from slipping into the deepest parts of slumber-ville. We’re talking about little bits of light sneaking through your curtains, that red light on your bedroom TV, the light you left on in the hallways, all of it. Well, the best way to block all of this out is to get yourself a pretty sleep mask, something sweet and cute that you will want to wear when you go to bed.

  1. White Noise Works

Some of us are a little more sensitive than others when it comes to sleeping. The slightest rustle here and a dropped pin there can either keep you awake or wake you.  If this describes you down to a T, then you’ll probably benefit from a white noise machine, or an app or even a slightly noisy fan. You could pick one that mimics your favorite sound of waves washing over the shore, or jungle sounds, or anything you like. By giving your mind something constant to drift off to, you will find you a whole lot less disturbed than you’ve been in a long time.


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