A Crucial To-Do List When Moving To A Foreign Country

A Crucial To-Do List When Moving To A Foreign Country

Have you been planning your move to a foreign country? Congratulations! Waiting ahead of you is an exciting life of an expat, and while it could be all fun and games before you leave for your new country, there are some loose ends you will need to tie up.

Before you can move abroad, it is vital that you have a checklist of things you should do prior to your move. While some of them could be mandatory, others could go a long way in facilitating your stay in the new country. Here are some of the things you will probably need to take care of or need to do before moving to a foreign country. And while all these things will be different depending on the country you’re moving into; this general list could be applied to moving abroad to most foreign countries. Let’s get going.

Acquire Your Long-Term Visa

To begin with, you will need a long-term visa for the new country you will be going into, and this will depend on the reason for moving to that country. This visa could be a permanent residency, temporary residency, business, work, tourist visa or anything in between.

It is also essential that you take all the necessary paperwork with you when moving to a foreign country. Keep photocopies of crucial documents on your phone or computer just in case you might need them later. And if your passport is nearing its expiry date, it would be advisable that you have it renewed. This will prevent you from having to fly back home for one thus saving you money at a later date. And if you travel frequently, you could consider the idea of getting a second passport since it is acceptable in some cases.

Cancel Your Memberships

If you currently have a phone plan, it would be advisable that you cancel it as soon as you know you are moving or the year leading up to your move. Do not take any upgrade on your phone even if you are eligible since you might not need it once you move to a new country. If you are renting, you should be careful about canceling your lease and find a place to stuff all your items. If you have nowhere to put your things, you could sell them and make some cash to cater for your upkeep once you move out of your country. You could also cancel your gym membership and any other monthly fees that you have been paying. If you are quite unsure about your subscriptions, you could check your bank statement to see what you have been paying for.

Re-route Your Current Mail

If you are moving to a foreign country, you will also need to have your mail re-routed to your parent’s home or any other family member or a close friend. You could go online to http://us-mailing-change-of-address.com to edit your mailing address so that all your mails will be sent to that new address. You should also ensure that you visit your employer’s website and update your address so that any remunerations will be sent to your parents in your absence.

Make Your Health Appointments

If you will be moving to a foreign country, it is crucial that you make all your health appointments. When moving to some countries, some specific medical appointments will be mandatory, and you will even need to have a certificate of proof to show the authorities that you indeed undertook the various medical tests required before flying in.

Make sure you undergo a vision and dental checkup to ensure that everything up there is fine. When moving to some countries, you will need to undergo specific checkups, take particular medications, and injections. And if there has been an outbreak of any particular ailment, the immigration authorities will be strict on all these. You will need proof of being in good health besides certificates showing that you have undertaken all the necessary tests.

It is vital to ensure that all the tests and drug administrations are conducted by a seasoned medical practitioner otherwise you could risk being denied to set foot in the new country because of unscrupulous-looking medical documents.

Get Travel Credit or Debit Cards

If you have lived in your country for years, the chances are that you have only been using credit cards or debit cards that were issued to you by your bank. In most cases, these cards will only function locally not unless you are dealing with an international bank. In such an instance, it would be difficult for you to access your funds once you are in a foreign country. It is for this reason that you should get travel credit or debit cards. A local card will probably be canceled once the issuer realizes that you have relocated abroad.

Look for a credit card or debit card that you can use to withdraw money from any ATM globally. Besides, you might find it difficult for you to pay for commodities and services with a foreign card, just because it is not accepted in your new country. Make sure you get cards that are allowed in the country you are moving to or even better globally. This way, you will never have problems paying your bills or transferring money to your newly acquired friends.

Familiarize With Their Customs

If you will be moving to a foreign country soon, it is crucial that you make an effort of familiarizing with their customs. While many people often ignore this, the truth is that it is important because it could determine the items you could take into a new country. Create a checklist of all the items that are not allowed into the country through the airport and see how to purchase them once you get into the country. Besides, you might have to pay more customs duty for bringing in some items so be sure to carry only what is necessary and which will not cost you a lot.


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