10 steps for choosing garden roses for your special event

10 steps for choosing garden roses for your special event

Once upon a time….

It is quite safe to say that roses are, in fact, the king of all petals when you weigh them in with other flowers in terms of weddings, celebrations and even expressing common feelings and emotions. The flowers have had a fair share of roles and references in romantic literature, poems and even in movies and televisions sit-coms in a big way. But when it comes to the modern era, people have tended to develop a propensity towards the new and fancy and at the same time, somehow, leaving the old behind.

One of those people:

If you too are one of those people who think that you’ve outgrown the traditional hues and patterns of roses and don’t want them anymore for weddings and celebrations; you might want to reconsider after reading this article.

Just read a little more:

If you have grown up seeing roses featured into weddings or being sold in the grocery stores in their traditional and classic forms, you might not even believe in the existence of something as exquisite and fascinating what you’d call Garden Roses. The flowers are way ahead than their long-stemmed cousins and packs quite a punch in terms of elegance, lavishness, colors and even textures.

They look very much like the peonies and have a head full of swoon-worthy petals but where it gets really interesting is that they are not as expensive as the latter and at the same time, also possess the luxuriousness and lavishness all along.

If a bride insists on a bohemian wedding theme then, understandably, traditional rose varieties would not work but surely garden roses can fit the bill. But the questions arises is – how to possibly choose one amongst the most exquisite varieties of roses? how to decide between a white garden rose and a pink one.

Well, here are a few steps that can help you do just that:

   1. Colors:

Garden roses have just the colors that you’re going to need to make the perfect style statement for your celebration, event or even wedding. The pink and white are sort of classic colors and generally should be preferred but if you’re planning a wedding this fall, then going in with deeper pinks, red or wine should be good. A combination of red and yellow roses always looks nice as well. Burgundy garden roses are pretty attractive for the season too. But at the end of the day, you should know all the shades before making a decision.

   2. The same is different too, sometimes:

There are almost 5 different types of White O’Hara that are there to be purchased and not to mention, the smell and color of each one different from the other. As they are from different farms around the globe and grown in different soil, the differences are quite a normal thing. Some are even grown in different micro-climates on the same farm. And this is why you should never turn a blind eye and buy them without knowing the specifics of what you’re going to get. Do always confirm with your provider, which O’Hara are you getting?

   3. Buy with more purpose:

David Austin Keira from one florist or even farm may have thinner stems than the other and therefore could be more easily incorporated in bridal bouquets. Knowing these minute details could easily prove to be very important in terms of getting the right roses on board for your weddings or even other celebrations. There are many service providers that take benefit of this fact and when customers do not bother to ask about these things before ordering.

10 steps for choosing garden roses for your special event

   4. Find what you want:

Since these special garden roses (in wholesale) are never sold on an auction clock, it is hard to find all of the different shapes and sizes at all times. But working closely with your floral supplier can help you gain access to all these exporters growing these beauties in Kenya, Ecuador and Colombia and which in turn could easily give you access to all these different shapes, shades and sizes for making the best possible decision for your event.

   5. Don’t think about just the glamour:

Just don’t buy David Austin varieties because they are renowned for their beauty but buy them if they actually fit in your bouquet and complement the whole look. You should always make the decision based on what’s best for your décor and floral arrangements rather than the whims and fancies. If an O’Hara is more suitable for your arrangement go for that one instead.

   6. DIY:

If you’re thinking about DIY garden roses arrangements and bouquets for the wedding and are expecting that it will work around the same way that it does for the traditional roses, then think again. Do your proper research for better caring about these petals. Only with the proper care, garden roses can last up to 3-7 days. Your bouquets must be kept underwater at all times before it is time to use them.  They have thick pity stems compared to other roses and cutting these stems underwater is important to give them the boost they need to be fresh and healthy for the wedding.

10 steps for choosing garden roses for your special event

Photo credit: MEF Photography

   7. Pricing:

Before selecting the dream rose for your wedding or even before placing that order at wholesale garden rose supplier, do not ever forget to set up a budget. Even if you like a variety very much and it is out of season or even rare, chances are it will also be costly as compared to normal circumstances. Choosing flowers that fit the budget and complement the whole look should be your first priority. Instead of going for the one you fancy, you can go for a garden rose variety that actually does fit the budget as well.

   8. Fragrance:

You might say what about the fragrance, how can this be a factor for selecting the best garden roses? Well, it surely is. Garden roses are known for their intoxicating fragrances and that too especially when you do compare them with their traditional cousins. The fragrance ranges from light, moderate to heavy and super-heavy. Unless you don’t mind the strong fragrance of your selected variety to interfere at a reception table for your rehearsal dinner, you should always consider fragrances before selecting a garden rose for the wedding.

   9. Meaning:

Different garden roses mean different things and there is no harm in choosing something that is appealing and meaningful for the wedding at the same time, right? For instance, ivory roses represent fidelity and pleasantness while the white roses symbolize innocence, purity, and youthfulness. Say, if you’re decorating a thank you card, you would rather go with a deep pink or magenta which says appreciation rather than a salmon pink which shouts out playfulness. You see, knowing the meaning is very important, indeed.

   10. Season and theme:

Of course, out of season varieties will be costly but in this case, they can be super-rare too and if they are, they could be even more expensive. Do your research and choose a variety that is more easily available and is actually in season, instead. There are a lot of options in the segment and I’m sure there is always something that can be worked around your theme and floral arrangements and décor.

When all’s said and done, it is going to be your personal choice. Garden roses are all beautiful and exquisite and you just need to find the one which will look more exquisite on the given day with the event décor and overall floral arrangements

Got married recently, how did you choose your garden roses for the wedding? Please share with us.


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