Facing Discrimination At Work? Here’s How You Can Deal With It!

Facing Discrimination At Work? Here’s How You Can Deal With It!

From discriminating co-worker on their cast, color and work to bullying them to not assigning the tasks to no making them involve in official tasks, workplace discrimination can put a huge impact on someone’s life. It’s illegal to discriminate in any facet of the workspace and sometimes can even lead to financial opportunities. Also, discrimination can make any person mentally and physically drained.

What Is Workspace Discrimination?

Discrimination means making people feel less important or treating them unfavorably because of their circumstances and personal characteristics. Discrimination is of two types: direct and indirect. Direct discrimination means when co-workers make unfair assumptions about people with special personal characteristics. For instance not hiring someone due to their age because you think, they would be unable to learn new skills.

However, indirect discrimination involves the reasons for not hiring someone are unreasonable. These usually happen the workspace policy treat everybody equally but not the person with disabilities.

Are Discrimination And Harassment Same?

Well, harassment is like discrimination, however, with discrimination, harassment can be of different types. Some of the harassments include the inappropriate behavior of the worker, manager or client or treating inappropriately because of their race, sex or religion. Further, employee discrimination can occur in many situations which include:

  • Denying employees benefits or compensations
  • Not considering potential employees
  • Paying equally qualified employee’s high salary than the victim
  • Discrimination in approving leaves (retirement, disability and maternity leaves)
  • Denying the use of companies facilities
  • Discrimination in issuing layoffs and promotions

5 Different Ways Of Treating Workplace Discrimination:

Sexual Harassment Training:
One of the best way to deal with any kind of discrimination or harassment at workplace is to become self sufficient. Learn on your own to deal with such situations and get to know the circumstances better on your own. You can always opt for Workplace Sexual Harassment Training whether in person or online to be clear to tackle such situations.

Proof Everything:

As soon as you come to know that you are becoming the victim of workplace discrimination, start gathering proofs and documenting everything. Keep all notable events on record and documenting things will help you get all evidence. You can keep a record of rude texts, emails, conversations and memos. Just make sure to keep them safe and private.

Be Aware Of All Legal Rights And Your Laws:

Once you have all the evidence, it’s time to use that evidence as a sword toward people who tease or torture you. Start educating yourself and know your rights. Read about laws relating to job training, employee compensation and more to stay protected from workplace disability discrimination.

Once you are aware of laws related to discrimination, you will be able to put-up your point, for instance, you have a coding test, and you are not hired because you belong to other religion. Speak for your rights or fight with authorities to get it.

Get A Senior Involved:

If possible, involve your senior in this discrimination. Speak with them, either formally or informally. You can also speak to your boss about the issue or can seek help from the HR team or maybe your team lead. Just convey what you are feeling and facing to your seniors. Don’t complain verbally, go with strong evidence that you have gathered and let them decide. Put up your point in a way to let organization understand that your rights are being violated.

Take Legal Help Or Complain About The Issue:

If the company does not believe you, and you are the victim of dreadful discrimination, take legal help and file a complaint. Hire an attorney, or a corporate lawyer to handle all your gathered evidence and let them take charge of everything to help you.  Also, they can help you in receiving compensation which includes front loss benefits, punitive damages, front pay and back pay and more.

Who Can Fight Against Workplace Discrimination?

Anyone working in the organization as a full time, part time worker can fight against discrimination. Casual employees, trainees, probationary employees, apprentices and other individual employees who are employed for fixed durations or tasks also take help from an attorney.

A workplace should be a place of happy people working together not the place of discriminations or harassments. However, if you think that you are suffering from it, speak up and fight for your rights.


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