Affordability and Quality in Essay Writing Service

Affordability and Quality in Essay Writing Service

College and university students often find themselves under insurmountable stress owing to the intense coursework requirements of essays, dissertations and other research work within a limited timeframe. This is why many students opt to pay professional essay writers to do their work thus helping them to achieve their desired grades.

Essay writing service providers primarily focus on producing top-notch professional custom essays that guarantee quality and value for money for their clients.

Reasons Why Students Seek Essay Writing Services

  1. Lack of adequate time to successfully complete the essay;
  2. Complex and difficult essay subject;
  • Inability to write professional academic essays that strictly adhere to given instructions;
  1. Availability of affordable essay writing services;
  2. Lack of interest and enthusiasm regarding the given essay service.

Campus students handle myriad of tasks throughout their coursework and failing is not an option for them. Professional essay writers come in handy in making work easier for students by providing original, high quality and timely papers. Similarly, professional essay writing services demand a team of qualified, native English writers able to handle essays in various subjects such as mathematics and statistics, management and marketing, sociology and psychology, literature and pedagogy, etc.

Cheap Paper versus Expensive Paper

The amount paid for an essay writing service usually depends on the quality of the paper ordered. There are several factors that dictate the pricing of an order paper. These include the following:

1. Complexity

The complexity of the essay dictates the price charged. For instance, technical papers such as engineering, medicine, statistics and IT which require expertise and experience in those fields are generally charged higher than non-technical subjects such as sociology, literature psychology among others.

2. Academic level

A Ph.D. paper will generally cost more than a college or high school paper. The course requirements at each level vary with intense research requirements demanded as the academic level rises. Likewise, a high school paper will cost considerably less as compared to an undergraduate or graduate paper with fewer strict requirements.

3. Urgency

The cost of an essay generally depends on the time available to submit it. Urgent orders attract relatively higher prices as compare to orders with several days to complete.

4. Number of pages required

The higher the number of pages required, the higher the costs. Cost per page may, however, change depending on the number of pages. A discount may be offered per page if the essay has many pages. The price of a single page paper is relatively higher than the price charged on each page for a piece with many pages.

What Composes the Price of the Paper

The factors above merely determine the pricing of a paper and not whether it is cheap or expensive. Prospective clients consider certain points that define the affordability of the paper:

1. Originality

Students are willing to pay to get plagiarism-free papers regardless of the cost. Cheap essay writing services that do not guarantee the originality of content are not recommended.

2. Quality and Affordability

Students demand their papers to be of high quality and affordable. Students are willing to part with affordable sums so long as their pieces are of high quality.

3. Complementary Services

Some complementary essay services include unlimited revisions; cover page and plagiarism report without charges. Students may opt for such a company given the quality of service offered is top-notch.

4. Timeliness

Timely delivery of a completed order is critical to avoid inconveniencing the client. Promising cheap paper at the expense of the allotted time jeopardizes the credibility of the company.

Cheap Price – Is It a Trap?

As the adage goes, cheap is expensive. Affordable essay writing service does not necessarily mean it’s cheap. Professional writers who produce high quality, plagiarism-free papers also deserve a decent pay in return. A low-priced paper that does not meet the criteria covered above is not worth paying for as it may lead to bigger losses.

My Personal Experience

As a graduate student, I personally relate to professional essay writing services. My first encounter was during an impromptu Economics essay that required practical applications of economic theories on the effects of Brexit to the UK. With only a 12-hour deadline and a 10-page essay to complete, I visited for assistance. Their quick customer service representative directed me on the steps to follow to set up the order. For a mere £700, I had a professionally written essay in just nine housrs giving me enough time to review. The quality was impeccable. The originality of the content assured an A score. The strict adherence of the writer to the given instructions that required the use of at least five recent peer-reviewed academic journals was reassuring. The paper aesthetics, formatting and free cover page made the best first impression. I still engage for additional help in professional essay writing services.


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