How to plan an Unforgettable Bucks Party in Sydney

How to plan an Unforgettable Bucks Party in Sydney

A man only gets one bucks party. OK, some of your mates will have a few bucks parties, but it doesn’t mean the day isn’t important. Planning the right bucks weekend in Sydney will give your mates memories for a lifetime. A terrible stag do will also make lasting memories but for all the wrong reasons. Don’t be the guy that mucks it up. Pay attention, take notes and put on the most debaucherous event to commemorate your buddy’s impending loss of manhood.

A Nibble And A Tipple

There’s sure to be a lot of alcohol at your stag do. That means you have a responsibility to fill the bellies of your mates. You want foods that coat the lining of your stomach so you can indulge through the night. It’s important to have nibbles that contain all three macronutrients — protein, carbs and fats — such as hummus, salmon or pasta. But your friends will make fun of such light fare. Shove some fried chicken down their throats.

Speaking of shoving things down throats, you need the right booze. Beer is man juice. It’s a must. But you also need something to shoot. Bourban is manly, but don’t shy away from your bachelor’s favorite booze even if it’s strawberry schnapps. You also have to think about the logistics of your liquid courage. Make sure to bring an esky if you’ll be drinking outside, but that won’t impress your friends.

Go over the top with the firewater to get your mates all pumped up. You want to open a fridge stuffed with all sorts of beers. It’ll glow like the face of God on all your mates’ faces when you open the door. Of course, you could always just go to a bar, strip club or hire a booze cruise full of strippers to impress your friends.


Hire a booze cruise through Sydney Harbour. Lead your boys down to the loading dock to blow them away with the surprise. Get the boat moving and receive a round of high fives. Then, just when they think it couldn’t get any better, ask your mates what they want to drink. That’s when you have a topless waitress walk out on deck with all your buddies’ favorite beers. Now that’s what I call one of the best bucks party ideas in Sydney.

Guest List

Unfortunately, not all guys like strippers. You know the type. He’s the guy that pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose while staring down at his beer at the bar. Don’t invite that guy. Invite the other blokes. Invite the kind of crew that will celebrate strippers with a cheers and high fives.

There’s some old saying that goes something like this. “It’s not where you’re celebrating, or what you’re drinking. It’s who you’re with.” Whoever said that was one-third correct because it’s about all three. And it’s your responsibility to deliver the right venue (preferably with a topless waitress), the right drinks and the right crew.

What Time?

Picking the right time of day for the bachelor party is crucial. You could hire a stripper cruise to tour the harbour during the day then have the party continue into the night. Or you could just celebrate during the day or during the night. Of course, you could go epic with an entire weekend of activities. Just remember that Sydney has some of the best female strippers in the world. That’s very important in this equations as you bachelor expects some sort of beautiful female flesh for an unforgettable bachelor party.


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