Forgotten Spots – 4 Places We Keep Forgetting to Clean

Forgotten Spots – 4 Places We Keep Forgetting to Clean

Chores are probably not the favorite part of your life and you try to get over with them as soon as possible. You do only what you really have to do, and move to the more pleasant parts of your life.

So it can easily happen that you simply skip some slightly hidden spots while cleaning. If skipping such places is more of a habit, than an exception, it could create a problem as the dirt keeps piling up.

This can get to look really nasty (even though it’s pretty much out of sight), it can be very difficult to clean once it’s discovered, and it can even cause you some health problems If not resolved in a timely manner.

There are many such spots all over your house, but professionals at White Lilac Cleaning give us the four most important ones, at least to give you an idea where to look next.

Inside of your Wardrobe and Drawers

You might think there is not much need to clean spots like this, but you’re wrong.

You should empty all your wardrobes and drawers every now and then, and make sure you wipe all the shelves and drawer bottoms.

You can also vacuum the drawers, especially the ones in the kitchen, as they might be full of breadcrumbs and other similar things.

Also, if we are still talking about the kitchen, you should also use a wet rag to clean the spills and things like that. Just make sure you leave the surface dry before you return all the things to their original places.

Under the Furniture

As the saying goes “Out of sight, out of mind”. It is incredibly easy to just skip cleaning under the furniture. It really is a bother, moving everything every time, since the vacuum cleaners can’t reach the spot.

So it’s understandable you don’t feel like moving all of your furniture every time you’re cleaning. However, you really need to do it, at least sometimes.

Dust loves piling up under the bed, and other bigger pieces of furniture. In some cases, a long mop is enough to take care of everything. In other cases, a vacuum cleaner is also a good option.

The Underside of Your Bathroom Sink

When it comes to cleaning your bathroom, you probably hit all the major spots – the toilet, the bathtub or shower and, of course, your sink.

But how well do you clean your sink? If you’re like most people, you will scrub the top of the sink until it’s sparkling clean. However, the underside of your sink needs attention too.

In fact, it might be more important than the rest. When water and soap residue spill over the edge of the basin, they trickle down to the unseen underside of the sink and that creates a perfect place for mold – damp and dark.

Make sure that you treat that place at least once a month, during your big bathroom cleaning, or you may be risking your health.

Your Fridge Cooling Coils

You know the basic principle of operation of fridges. It’s the same as your AC, except the excess heat has nowhere to go. That’s why the cooling coils are at the back of the fridge.

If you’ve seen that your refrigerator is getting hot for no apparent reason, it might be time to clean the coils.

Unplug the fridge, and access the rear side of it. Vacuum the coils as best as you can and use a duster brush to clean whatever the vacuum couldn’t reach.

As you can see, there are plenty of places we simply forget to clean and that’s why it is important to think ahead in situations like that.


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