6 Health Benefits to Botox

6 Health Benefits to Botox

Botox is one of the most well-known cosmetic procedures available today. This facial treatment is an approved treatment for the most common cosmetic complaints of adults which are wrinkles. Aside from straightening out your wrinkles, Botox has a lot more benefits to offer. Cosmetic clinics specializing in Botox injection such as Dermani MedSpa have medical doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners administer the injections on the face. It sure does give you more confidence when you know that the medical experts are the ones running the show. For the longest time, Botox has been done mainly for aesthetic purposes. Through the years, the benefits of Botox went beyond reducing wrinkles. Read on for other health benefits that Botox can offer.

  1.  Smooth out forehead wrinkles

The first and foremost benefit from Botox is to smooth out wrinkles. Forehead wrinkles are the most common and the facial area where wrinkles are most prominent. For those who want to defy the aging process temporarily, Botox injections on the forehead are effective in smoothing out the skin in the forehead making one look younger.

  1.  Treat drooping brows

The brow area is usually the first facial area affected by aging. As a person grows old, the brow area tends to droop making one’s face look tired or unhappy even when they are actually not. When the case becomes more serious, a person’s vision can even be affected, making it hard to see well thus affecting a person’s daily activities. Botox is considered to be very effective for drooping brows. Injection of Botox relaxes the brow muscles to keep them from drooping over the eyes. For drooping brows, both medical and aesthetic aspects can be solved by Botox.

  1.  Relieves migraines

Botox is also known to relieve people suffering from migraines. It is still unknown how Botox can help people with migraines, but medical doctors associate it with the blockage of sensory nerves that sends pain signals to the brain. And since Botox relaxes muscles, it is a glorious solution to the distressing pain that a migraine can bring.

  1.  Solves muscle twitching

Botox has come a long way from smoothing wrinkles. One of the greatest health benefits from Botox is treating limb spasticity or stiffness in the upper or lower limbs. Botox injection can relax the stiffness in the muscles of the limbs such as the finger or toe muscles. Twitching of the eyes has been treated first with Botox before it was used for the limbs.

  1.  Treatment for Bell’s Palsy

People who experienced Bell’s Palsy can attest that half of the face has no sensation due to the trauma to the facial nerves. One of the breakthroughs of Botox is the treatment of Bell’s Palsy. It can be injected into the affected area to relax the muscles or on the unaffected side to achieve a certain balance on the face.

  1. Excessive sweating

There is no problem with sweating as long as it is not excessive and does not affect those around you. Usually, what is used to combat excessive sweating are doctor-prescribed antiperspirants, which can be useful for some but not for others. A Botox treatment can rid you of excessive sweating for a couple of months until another dose is needed.

Botox has indeed gone far and beyond making the face wrinkle-free. Hopefully, the health benefits of Botox discussed above may give you a better alternative treatment for your health issues.


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