Trendy Lightning Designs in 2018

Trendy Lightning Designs in 2018


Lighting has become a vital part of home design as it greatly contributes to the feel of a room. Lighting varies depending on how big the space in the room is or the function of the room. The lighting style in the living room, for instance, should not be the same as that in the bedroom.

The lighting should bring out the personality of the room and create an ambiance that suits that space and the activities carried out in that room. Here are some of the designs that are in style in 2018.

LED; the Affordable Option

Energy-efficient and longer lasting than incandescent bulbs, LEDs are more popular with homeowners and designers who are embracing them. This type of lighting enables the owner to customize it to different styles and bring out unique designs that could not be possible to achieve in the past. With a flick of a switch, you can control the temperature of a room.

The decrease of the price of LED bulbs has resulted in a growing demand and increased use of LED lighting specifically the modern LED light fixtures. This, in turn, has made them more available and ranked them as one of the most sought-after home design lighting trends this year.

Trendy Lightning Designs in 2018 light bulbsSoft Gold Lighting

Quiet, calm shades and pastels are slowly taking over the lighting space in real estate. A touch of soft gold lighting is what you need to add some pop to your room. This lighting is perfect for dark corners and places with shadows. A good example of this light in use is placing and LED lampshade on a reading table next to shelves, creating a beautiful romantic ambiance.

Sophisticated Industrial Styles

For the longest time, industrial lighting has been portrayed in a rough, edgy manner that majored in metals and neutral colors. However, designers have now found a way of polishing this lighting style by incorporating sleek metals with a smooth finish.

This new trend has now made its way to homes posing as elegant add-ons to the homes. With the new sleek look, industrial lighting can now be used in the kitchen, dining and bathroom areas. These unique lights promise to draw potential clients to your home and intrigue them to even buy that home.

Art Deco from Mid Century

Now more than ever, homeowners are drawn towards art décor designs that symbolize major events of the 1920s and 1930s era. The boldness of the decor complements the other decorations in the homes, therefore maintaining the modern look at your home. This form of deco adds an aspect of art to the lighting style. You can use the overhead art deco to add a fun look to some of the rooms like the common area and fill up space in seemingly empty spaces.

Old School Edison Bulbs

These cone-shaped vintage Edison bulbs are slowly coming back into the real estate industry. Their unique shapes give the home a warm feeling making it perfect for the bedroom or the living room. The new Edison light bulbs have incorporated with LED technology giving the home a blend of relaxed and vibrant vibe.

To create a wow effect in your home, use the LED large fixtures. However, if you are going for the traditional home feel, then you can get the incandescent Edison bulbs that are more affordable than the LED bulbs but less energy saving.

These lights work best with the industrial style, adding warmth and a subtle beauty in the room. To realize its full potential, use them in a cluster and not as single bulbs.

Trendy Lightning Designs in 2018 orbital

Simplicity and Less Clutter

Complicated designs on the sofa sets or ornaments on furniture and other decorations have faded away from the real estate market. Homeowners are now into decor with clean simple lines that can be easily matched with other decorations in the home. The modern look is characterized by geometric designs with neutral colors. These are the preferred designs compared to lighting with metal work and designs with excess details. You can have a single overhead lighting with simple clean lines that make a statement.

Outstanding Large Fixtures

When used well, large fixtures can change the personality of a room from boring to intriguing. They work like centerpieces, therefore drawing attention to a specific area in the home. This lighting works best in spaces that need a central point like over the kitchen, above the dining table or the entrance hall. The amazing effect of the fixture can be propped up by smaller fixtures to create a unified and stylish look in the room.

Trendy Lightning Designs in 2018 dark lights

Lighting in 2018

Lighting has become an important part of home decor. As technology continues to evolve, so does lighting in interior design. Interior designers are constantly looking for different ways of changing the feel of the home by playing with different lighting styles. This has created a liking for stunning lighting by homeowners, therefore, contributing to the growth of the lighting market, and lighting showrooms and designer lighting vendors. As you borrow from these highlighted stylish lighting styles, you are sure to create an impressive home style.


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