6 Essential Wedding Tasks That No One Will Tell You

6 Essential Wedding Tasks That No One Will Tell You

Excited for the big day? Naturally, the butterflies are to be expected.

Forever in love; the vow we all take!

There are so many tasks that need to be taken care of before a wedding day. Are you aware of all of them? It is not just about booking the venue or a wedding cake; there’s more!

Most of the tasks need to be taken care of long before the hen weekend party; however, they are some jobs that are regarded as less important and are often ignored until the very last minute.Make it pretty; make it perfect!

6 Essential Wedding Tasks That No One Will Tell You holding flowers Read on to know about the work that no one tells you:

  1. Electrical necessities

You must’ve spent a fortune on lighting components and other electricity-based appliances like an electric guitar (wedding band), sound systems and more. What if the lights go off? The primary electrical necessity is a power backup because your special day needs to be flawless. Although you may be working towards choosing the right decor options and entertainment, the lack of power backup can mess it all up. Double-check all the electrical necessities to make sure your day stays as perfect as planned.

  1. Choose the music

What will be the song for your first dance? Father-daughter dance? During dinner? To kick off the dancing? Before and after the ceremony? Finally realising this stuff? You may have picked the first-dance song or even a song for the father-daughter dance; however, most people forget to check the music options for the entire wedding day. Music plays an important role in keeping the guests entertained, even if it’s playing in the background and no one is really noticing it.

  1. Wedding car

Have you thought about the end? Really? Booked a wedding car? Due to the excitement of the wedding, people often forget to think about the end, especially to hire a wedding car. So, now you know which task needs to be taken care of, right? How about a vintage wedding car or a sports one? Hire your dream car for your wedding day from AA Executive Cars or any other service in your area to make sure you end the day in style.

6 Essential Wedding Tasks That No One Will Tell You wedding rings

  1. Launch a wedding website

This is something that not many people go for but is fun to do. Creating a website is so simple that anyone can do it. So, why don’t you launch a wedding website a few months before the actual day? You can upload the list of tasks, pictures as the preps go on and more. It can be an e-checklist as well as an e-scrapbook where you can store photos before and after the big day. Use the technology to your advantage and prevent excuses, like I did not know what to do or I lost the pictures of the pre-photoshoot from your friends and family.

  1. Welcome baskets

Are you planning to invite guests from out-of-town? Booked their stay? What about the welcome baskets? Have you even thought about it? It is not a necessity as much as a courtesy because when your loved ones are taking time out of their busy schedule to be with you on your special day, then you need to make them feel valued too. A cute-little welcome basket, full of chocolates and snacks will cheer them up when they enter their hotel room. This can be termed as ‘small pockets of happiness’, and can be photographed for future.

  1. Purchase gifts

What is your take on return gifts? Gifts for your bridesmaids? His parents? Some people prefer handing out gifts to all the guests that come to the wedding ceremony, while some choose the ones from the lot. Most often than not, brides prefer giving unique gifts such as unique bridesmaid jewelry to their bridesmaids and something memorable to the parents of the groom to make them happier than they already are.. You should think about it because not only will it cheer them up, but will also make them feel valued for their efforts and in the case of ‘his parents’, make them feel more respected.

6 Essential Wedding Tasks That No One Will Tell You love sign

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