30 easy ways to reduce the risk of home burglary [infographic]

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Protecting your home and family from burglaries is an ongoing challenge, ensuring that your locks are up to the latest standards and that you’re not leaving anything outside your home that might help would-be burglars from getting in are just two of the many things you need to stay on top of intruders.

Often it isn’t practical or possible to spend large amounts of money on elaborate security systems, but the good news is that it isn’t always necessary. Often simple yet practical tips can be good enough to put burglars off from targeting your property as well as making it tougher for them if they do target you.

If there’s one thing a home insurance company knows a thing or two about, it’s keeping your home safe & secure. That’s why insurance company AXA have put together a new guide listing 30 simple ways to safeguard your home against burglars.

If you’re just interested in the 30 tips, check out the infographic below and let us know which security measures you’ve implemented that have worked for you. Or you can read the full guide from here:

30 easy ways to reduce the risk of home burglary [infographic]


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