10 Tips for a Healthy Liver

10 Tips for a Healthy Liver

The liver plays an essential role in protecting the overall health of the body. Whatever food we consume has passed through the liver so, it’s important to take good care of the liver.

The liver performs 100 essential functions of the body. It helps in proper digestion, which purifies the blood, regulates diabetes and most importantly maintain metabolism.

If liver health is ignored may causes diseases like autoimmune hepatitis, hepatitis b, hepatitis c, liver cirrhosis. All these conditions may lead to worsening of liver and further leading to various fatal diseases. When the liver gets loaded, it is unable to do the action for the toxins and fat in an efficient way. There’s a high risk of cancer in drinking too.

Therefore it is essential to eat healthy food such as fruits and vegetables as the liver can capable of damaged on consumption of harmful things. Here are a few methods to keep your liver healthy.

1). Limit your alcohol intake

Our liver can only break down a small amount of alcohol every hour. Beyond this, it damages the liver cell and causes inflammation and cirrhosis. A standard drink is equal to one ordinary beer, one small glass of wine and a small shot of whiskey. In fact, it takes as little as 20 grams of alcohol daily for women to develop liver problems.

2). Daily exercise and have a dynamic lifestyle

Regular exercise is key to a healthy liver. It decreases stress on the liver, increase energy level and prevent obesity. Total 150 minutes of exercise is equal to brisk walking and swimming per week.

3). Have a balanced diet: less fatty foods and more fibre

High level of fat in the blood and high level of cholesterol will lead to fatty liver diseases. Reduce the number of saturated fats and trans fats in the diet. Eat more high fibre foods such as fruits and vegetables and whole grains. For proteins choose more jaggery, fish, white meat, red meat, and beans.

4). Watch your body weight

Obesity, particularly abdominal and central obesity is a significant risk factor for developing fatty liver diseases. Together with a balanced diet and regular exercise, a healthy weight and a healthy liver can be maintained.

5). Get vaccinated

Get vaccinated against hepatitis A, hepatitis B both viral liver infection. Hepatitis A can be contracted from contaminated food and water, avoid raw seafood. Hepatitis B is contracted through sexual contact, blood, and needles. If you choose not to get vaccinated against hepatitis A, prevent cooking calms, oysters.

6). Be careful with traditional medicines and remedies

Some of the traditional medicines and remedies contain heavy metals and unknown toxins. They lead to liver toxicity or can stress and affect the regular functioning of the liver. Over supplementation can cause liver inflammation, even failure of the liver. Some herbal supplements can be harmful to the liver, like kava, comfrey, chaparral, kombucha tea, and skullcap. Consult your Doctor before consumption.

7). Be careful of weight loss pills or fad diet

Weight loss pills which are available without a prescription may contain toxins which are harmful to the liver. Take care in ingesting liver cleansing and detox diets. Make sure to do research on the best liver cleanse and take all necessary precautions while going through with it.These diets are usually lacking in useful nutrients and are not beneficial and helpful. Aim to lose weight at a healthy rate of 1kg per week. Take a look at diet plan and ask your doctor or dietitian to help you create a healthy diet plan.

8). Take care and protect yourself from hepatitis B and C

Hepatitis C vaccine is not available currently. It transmitted sexually or if there is a chance of blood to blood contact. Practice safer sex and avoid unnecessary sharing of toothbrushes, catheter, razors, syringes, needles and other personal care. Consult your Doctor for a screening program to detect the problem early. Go for a regular blood test.

9). Take care if you have diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol

Diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol form a metabolic syndrome which causes a significant risk for the fatty liver disease. Too much glucose is an indication for the “Impaired glucose tolerance,” and diabetes in both the cases control blood sugar level through diet. Keeping them in control with diet, exercise, and medications prevent liver damage.

10). Quit smoking

Cigarette smoking with lead to liver cancer. Smoking can enhance the toxin effects that some medications have on liver such as paracetamol.


To keep your liver healthy follow a healthy life. Chung says “The liver can be a very forgiving organ, but it has its limit.” “Taking care of your liver is far more about escaping what’s worse than it is about eating or drinking things that are especially nourishing to the liver.”

It’s not something you probably think much about, but your is a crucial player in your body’s. Everything you eat or drink, including medicine and toxic waste, passes through it. Need to treat it right so it can stay healthy and do its functions.


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