Weigh to Go: Weed and Weight Loss

Weigh to Go: Weed and Weight Loss

The implementation of cannabis legalization and decriminalization in (presently) 30 American states have not only sparked a debate whether or not cannabis is a viable and a practical method of treating and managing medical conditions but it also led to several controversial trends and beliefs about the other beneficial effects of cannabis consumption.

One of the seemingly absurd uses of cannabis is for weight loss.

The relation between dropping pounds and consuming pot can be surprising. Having been backed by clinical research and factual statistics, cannabis consumption for weight loss can be a risky yet rewarding road to your overall physical and mental health.

The Munchies

Getting the munchies is something weed smokers are accustomed to. It’s both the boon and the bane of most cannabis users – both medical and recreational.

Our brain is hard-wired to react to the active ingredients found in cannabis known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that are present not only in marijuana but can also be found on other plants like the narrow-leaved purple cornflower and the Sichuan buttons (Acmella Oleracea). The major and most common cannabinoids found in marijuana are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Both cannabinoids act upon the consumer’s cannabinoid receptors that can slightly alter the function of the human brain. That’s why people who are exposed to cannabis get the sense of mild euphoria and also get several extramundane upshots especially in cannabis products that contain larger and more potent doses of THC and CBD like cannabis concentrates. Once consumed and introduced to the human system, the active compounds messes with a specific neurological cell called POMC (pro-opiomelanocortin). POMC is responsible for regulating and signaling your brain when you’re already full. That’s why after smoking the joint you just rolled or vaping weed through your favorite device, like the Yocan Hive 2.0 Vape, you’d begin to start feeling the munchies. It’s the drive to devour and feast on that cold spaghetti you put on your fridge 3 days ago, or that pizza you left in your microwave oven yesterday.

But how can cannabis help with weight loss if it gets you to eat more? 

Clinical trials suggest that regular THC intake can cause weight loss. A test conducted on both regular-weight and over-weight subjects showed that frequent and repeated cannabis use caused the over-weight subjects to lose weight although it did not have any significant or impactful results on the subjects that are deemed to have regular size and weight. This is explained by the relation between cannabis use and BMI (body mass index). Medical research suggests that cannabis and THC may have preventive or defensive properties that may help consumers fight intestinal microbes linked to obesity. THC helps with digestion and promotes better intestinal health by allowing the proliferation of valuable microorganisms found in our intestines. Cannabis also has natural anti-inflammatory properties which help people with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and those with gastrointestinal disorders.

But don’t these researches contradict each other? 

While cannabis is known to increase a person’s appetite, it also regulates the person’s metabolism, lowers their cholesterol levels, and prevents obesity in the long run. Although several factors like age, gender, and lifestyle play a huge role, one cannot disregard that cannabis, coupled with the right diet, regimen, and routine can be an effective avenue to naturally control weight and BMI. Moreover, new research shows that the states that implemented the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis use saw a “2% to 6% decline in the probability of obesity.” This was further supported by marijuana-legal states’ statistical data showing “$58 to $115 reduction in per-person cost of obesity-related medical expenses.” This only proves that the use of cannabis can work positively for those who use it responsibly.

A book suggesting marijuana as the main component in an individual’s diet claims to have helped its author lose 65 lbs. of weight after several years of being in the supposed “marijuana-diet.” By inhaling cannabis, ingesting superfoods like juice smoothies, and intermittent fasting, the book’s author claims to have lost a significant amount of weight.

Cannabis isn’t just for couch potatoes and for lazy stoners

There’s also sufficient data on clinical research showing how cannabis can affect one’s performance when working out.

Professional athletes have been using cannabis to help them manage pain and injury after a workout. It’s the perfect replacement for synthetic painkillers that pose serious harm to an athlete’s liver and kidneys over time. Because of cannabis’s anti-inflammatory and euphoric properties, it can help people who are under high-intensity workout programs deal with the discomforts of after workout pain. When used properly, cannabis can help you lose weight and help you keep a solid, toned body at the same time. Knowing when and how to use weed when working out is the key. People who intend on using cannabis to help them cope up with training and exercise can either use them before or after their workout sessions. Specialized cannabis strains can help you improve your focus, keeping you in the zone while working out. Using cannabis with focus improving properties will help you turn a daunting training program into an easy and effortless task.

How to consume cannabis for weight loss 

Like cannabis-induced training, knowing the right strain for a cannabis-based weight loss program is also vital. There are several cannabis strains that help people maintain a good metabolism while helping them reduce their appetite. Cannabis strains rich in THCV or tetrahydrocannabivarin can help suppress an individual’s cravings. Go for cannabis strains that have high tetrahydrocannabivarin compounds like Doug’s Varin, Pineapple Purps, and Tangie. You’d also want to go with high THCV concentrates like Ace of Spades Shatter and the Agent Orange Nug Run Shatter to help you curve your eagerness to eat and help you meet your target weight. It’s best to use vaporizers that are designed for dried herbs and concentrates since they can help you get the benefits of your materials without the negative effects of inhaling combusted smoke. Yocan vaporizers are considered one of the best brands in the market especially for people looking for vaporizers to use for therapeutic and remedial purposes. One of the best places to visit online is through Yocan Vaporizer, this link will send you straight to their website where you can find a wide selection of vaporizers to suit your needs.

Approaching a cannabis-based diet 

Losing weight through cannabis consumption can both be fun and precarious. You’d first want to make sure that you’re in the proper mindset. Maintaining a balanced diet, keeping yourself hydrated, and consuming the right amount of cannabis will help you keep a good cannabis-based diet.

On one hand, you’re easily handling your appetite and naturally improving your metabolism while on the other hand, you put yourself in the risk of eating too much knowing you have less probability of gaining weight because of cannabis’s favorable effects. It’s true, marijuana can’t be prescribed to anyone nor can be used by everyone as a general weight loss substance. It’s still best to do your own research and know the effects of cannabis on you, how your body reacts to it and how you can handle your share of THC and CBD.

The data made available to the public shows the potential of cannabis as a substantial and concrete treatment for obesity and a method to control weight and BMI, with its beneficial properties, and the continuous development of cannabis’s legalization, the future for cannabis’s implementation as a legitimate and a recognized weight-managing substance isn’t far from happening.


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