At-Home Weddings: Preparing for the Big Day


A truly personalized wedding can be performed at home. Houses of various sizes are perfectly suited for a well-prepared event. Planning out the wedding and its details is crucial to success, however. Get ready for an event like no other with key preparation steps that should be followed.

Clear Out the Furnishings

Although you’ll probably use your backyard as the main area, the household will still be full of well-wishers. To ease the inevitable foot traffic, move all of your furnishings out of the living room and hallways. Storing the items in a storage container might be a good option.

Add folding chairs to the interior walls so that there are a few seats. These chairs can be moved around as necessary. Most of the interior space, however, should be standing-room only. It will only coax people out to the backyard where the main festivities are taking place.

Cover it Up

Perfect weather may be in the forecast, but you still want shelter in your backyard during the wedding and reception. Consider temporary structures for rent, which include tents and canopies. These structures are elegant by design and white in color. The tents will match nearly any decor that you have in mind.

Be sure to ask about measurement estimation before the big day. The structure should fit with ease after a professional evaluates the space.

Exploring Parking Options

Remember that a few dozen people will be descending on your property. Their vehicles will require a parking spot. Seek out solutions in surrounding parking lots, such as a local park. Contact the owners of these lots so that your guests can legally park there. Depending on street parking may not be possible in some cases.

Be a courteous neighbor and notify everyone on your block about the event. It shouldn’t be necessary to invite everyone on your street to the wedding, but giving them advanced notice is preferable. They can plan their day accordingly as your guests arrive. A beautiful wedding at home is possible with long-term planning and attention to detail.


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