5 Home Upgrades that Won’t Cost a Fortune

5 Home Upgrades that Won't Cost a Fortune

When talking of home improvement, there are a hundred things that might come to your mind. From the basic wall paints to wooden door knobs; everything can require an upgrade. However, such an investment is too heavy on the pocket.

When upgrading your home, you should always divide your expenses onto separate months so your finances aren’t mismanaged. However, everyone likes change and there are some things you can adopt right away:

1. Compositing Toilets

Eco-friendly and functional, these convert human waste into usable and a safe hygienic fertilizer. A big advantage of such a toilet is that it consumes only 30% of the total water consumed in a house. These convert the the waste material into a manageable, productive, and composite waste material.

The final product which is formed is odorless and dry. A fertilizer is formed which can be buried in the ground, without causing excess waste. A carbon leaf is dropped in the urine or feces which reacts with the nitrogen in the waste to make it odorless. The idea of these toilets definitely outruns the conventional toilets. Visit Home Worthy List to learn more about advanced toilets.

2. LED lighting

LED are now used by many as they offer loads of advantages. First of all, they consume very less electricity which in turn reduces the electricity bill. These lights are much cooler than the typical bulbs which means that the risk of combustion or burnt fingers reduces. Their composition material is epoxy lenses, not glass, which makes it more resistant to breaking.

Also, their life time is 2-4 times greater than an ordinary bulb. A big advantage is that they do not affect the environment as they produce very less heat. As a result, LEDs are the future of conventional bulbs and tube lights. This is an upgrade, you definitely want to have.

3. Inverter AC

AC inverter reduces the electricity bill by 30-50% relative to the previous energy consumption. It is highly energy efficient and can also run on solar energy. Inverters don’t put extra load on the power supply. Quicker cooling can be achieved by an inverter depending on the room size.

Also, after some time, the inverters can work on low voltages without any issue. Even though they are a bit expensive, but they are energy efficient and an eco-friendly upgrade needed in our homes.

4. Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen is possibly the most used room of the house. Any improvement required in the kitchen is a long-lasting and necessary investment. First of all, install the appliances which are water conserving. These include dishwashers and water dispensers.

You can switch to using eco-friendly and energy efficient appliances such as smart, inverter fridges, LED bulbs around the counter, to name a few. Kitchen needs to be upgraded in order to ensure your eating and cooking habits are energy and cost efficient.

5. Double Glazing your Windows

Nowadays, double and triple glazed windows are becoming more common in the areas where the temperature usually remains hot. Also, energy efficient windows are becoming more common day by day. Heat can be prevented from the entering the house and eventually reducing the need for air conditioning.

Many harmful rays can be blocked by the the glazing of windows or by energy efficient windows. These windows can help in protecting against condensation, leaks, drafts, etc. Start from the simple upgrades and you will notice and automatic reduction in energy and finance consumption.

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