Activities To Use A Go Pro with a Gimbal

Activities To Use A Go Pro

Today’s era is the social media and the selfie era. Everyone in today’s world is crazy for clicking pictures may be selfies or groupies. They click multiple pictures, edit them and post them on their social media walls this is a craze not even in youngsters but even in old age people too. We can see film-industry celebrities, politicians, cricketers taking selfies and groupies while boarding flight, eating food in a luxurious hotel, when they are on vacations or going for adventurous sports such as bungee jumping.

Therefore, to capture such beautiful memories that will last long there should be camera worthy enough to make those moments special. We see people buying DSLR and many more cameras for picture clarity so that the moments they capture in their cameras remain fresh whenever they see their pictures someday.

Hence, to click the pictures in a way that the memories remain fresh a perfect GoPro is required.

What is a GoPro?

These are basically compact cameras with ultra-high definition facility that are designed in such a way that they can capture videos, pictures even in extreme conditions such as underwater. As in comparison to other standard camera’s these GoPro’s have wide lenses that allow capturing a wide area of the scenery for the photo-shoot, also the picture is very clear.

Features of GoPro with gimbal:

Innovation has reached new heights by inventing Gimbals for GoPro cameras. The gimbal is a fitting support for a GoPro camera. It assists by providing ample flexibility for shooting and defined control on the camera setup. The battery backup for the gimbal plays a significant role for folks who travel frequently. In order to ensure hassle-free scenario for shooting the subject, the angle of the subject matters a lot. Let us have a glance at few benefits of these gimbals:

  • A wide lens that helps in capturing a large area of the scenery.
  • Easy to carry due to a compact size. This also reduces the storage space issues when one is on the move.
  • Creative designing that allow capturing beautiful views even in harsh or extreme conditions.
  • Even they are standalone, but still, we can connect them with apps on Android and Ios supporting gadgets using which we can add more functions to it such as live streaming or editing etc.
  • Due to their compact size, they are very easy to mount even on drones or bicycles etc. They require very little space hence no mounting problem is there.

The activities where one can use GoPro:

The complete utilization of this GoPro Gimbals is in the areas where we can do adventure sports easily such as areas where we can do surfing, bungee jumping etc. So, here are the activities where shooting with the best gimbal for gopro is worthy and fun:

  • Surfing: GoPro Gimbal is best to capture the videos in the areas where there are beaches so that it can capture the best surfing moments of an individual and make him a surfing master covering all the minute details while surfing. Such as when the waves come, when the surfer flips on the waves making it a wonderful experience and making it a perfect clip to show off.
  • River rafting: Those who are thrill seekers and like river rafting, kayaking such thrill loving individuals can utilize the gimbal for GoPro at its best as there is no risk of it, getting wet. So, netizens can enjoy the rafting keeping camera handling worries at bay.
  • Waterfalls: Those who love watching geysers, canyons, and waterfalls and love to dive and bath in waterfalls they are lucky enough to have a Gimbal with them to capture such beautiful moments of sudden geysers and the lovely scene of a waterfall with a group of friends diving in the fall. The pictures surely will add to awesome vacation memories to cherish.
  • Paragliding: Those who love thrilling adventures such as paragliding, bungee jumping, and skydiving they have the best chance to click all their richest life experiences in GoPro camera as this is very small, lightweight and easy to carry even on such heights and it is easy to make videos using its selfie mode on. The adrenaline rush can be made super thrilling with the GoPro.
  • Roller coaster: While sitting on a roller coaster ride it is difficult to handle a gadget such as mobile phone or DSLR to capture the butterflies in stomach experience so here the roller coaster riders can use this little and cute GoPro camera to make their roller coaster riding experience memorable.
  • Underwater experiences: Those who are studying about underwater creatures and need to record the underwater happenings or those who are divers and need to share their underwater experiences with the underwater animals such as sharks, turtles and need to monitor the activities such individuals can use the GoPro camera to record all these underwater activities for their project or something.
  • Bike/ skateboard stunts: Those who do bike stunts or skateboard stunts it is easy for them to capture their videos using a best gimbal for Gopro as it is easy to carry and covers a wide area with utmost clarity without missing any details. So, in this way, the people doing stunts can show off among peers by showing every minute details of their stunt such as disk brake etc.
  • Chasing pets: As GoPro cameras have the facility to connect to any mobile device may be Android or IOS using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so it helps in finding our pets. Yes! It can do so, as it is lightweight so we can attach it to the collar of our pets with the recorder on that will give us a live feed that where our pet is going so we can easily chase our pet if it gets out of the house.

There are various types of gimbals or pivoted stands available for GoPro to make its handling easy and makes it rotate 360 degrees so that an individual can capture the complete scenery easily while missing anything by rotating the GoPro 360 in one go without any shaking of the camera due to the rotation. The roll axes, the tilt and the pan of the gimbal make a superb cinematic footage quality. The making of accessories for a GoPro action camera defines the performance and durability during the aforementioned activities. In addition, visiting is the way to go to get all your tech reviews and information in regard to the GoPro.

Drawbacks of GoPro cameras:

  • Lack of full manual-control proves to be dissatisfactory.
  • Completely based on touch screen no buttons or dials are present that may be drawback while skydiving where we need to rely completely on the touch screen for any changes or settings or editing.
  • Although they are easy to carry it needs care too as the lenses are the most important part of the camera that if gets broken will make the capturing quality poor.
  • Also, as it is touch screen and designed in according with extreme conditions does not really mean that it will not break i.e. if while skydiving it gets slipped off from hands then it is gone so, it also needs care like other cameras or DSLR’s.


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