Why do companies use Aptitude Test to hire the Employees


When companies list out the vacancies, thousands of candidates, who fulfill the eligibility criteria, apply for those jobs. Interviewing such a large number of people can be challenging and time-consuming. To avoid this hassle for the human resource administrator and, the candidates, the companies create a screening layer, which is the aptitude test.

They use this test to evaluate the candidates’ ability to solve the problems, which also tells them the potential of success of those candidates. Those who score the highest get selected for the next round, which is sometimes, the interview. Other times, it can be a group discussion, or perhaps the case studies, whatever the company requires. Of those thousands, now remain a few. The process of testing their aptitude skills helps both of them. For example, EU applicants exceed 40,000 each year, so EPSO tests filters out many applicants.

Resumes don’t always speak the truth. Now, this can as well be true for those who have more skills than their resume can show. Although used for almost every job, these tests are highly beneficial for the screening in case of mid or high-level positions.

Students don’t give it heed when they are in the University, but they must understand that sooner they start to prepare for the pre-employment aptitude test, better are their chances of getting the job in the right time and the company.

Aptitude Test

Then there are personality tests, which have become popular among the recruiters in the last few years. The questions in personality assessment do not have any correct or false answer. They can only judge the nature of a candidate through whatever he responds. This is helpful in knowing whether which role would the candidate fit the best in. In simple words, the personality test indicates how well do you match the position and the company’s culture.

Aptitude Test brain

Out of so many tests that students have to take to get the job; we are going to list a few. Preparing for these tests is not at all difficult; it just takes dedication to do that.

Elevator Industry Aptitude Test

For the students to get a job in the elevator industry, they have to score good grades in this test. It is developed by the International Union of Elevator Construction and National Elevator Industry. This test measures your reading, arithmetic, and mechanical expertise. Upon clearing the exam, the candidate has to appear for an interview as well.

Why do companies use Aptitude Test to hire the Employees light

Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test

Most of the recruiters use this test to evaluate the factors that can be essential for a candidate to fulfill when working in a specific position in a company. It is used to measure the critical thinking and problem-solving ability of the candidates. The students, who are well aware of the up and coming things, start to prepare well in advance for the same.


This test is one of the most challenging tests out there. It is used to find the right fits for the Transportation Security Administration. It has two sections, one of which tests your English language skills and the other one, object recognition, popularly known as XRAY test evaluates your observation about the tools and the objects like hammer etc. Remember, you have to identify these objects from an XRAY image and not a digital one. This can be challenging but gets more comfortable with time.


So, not just to rule out the non-creamy layer of the students, but to find the skills of those in the creamy layer is what aptitude tests are used for. Even better, that the companies get double work done investing very less time, money, and the efforts. Aptitude tests are a fun and useful way to evaluate the learning and problem-solving skills of the students, and hence, are used more commonly to hire the employees.


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