5 tips to maintain wood flooring

5 tips to maintain wood flooring

Are you already the proud owner of a beautiful wooden floor? It gives a beautiful, warm atmosphere in the house such a natural product as wood. There is a choice of countless types and there is a suitable style for every room. Together with a neutral tint on the wall, wood forms the ideal basis in your home. To keep the wood beautiful, it is important to feed the wood regularly and to provide a new layer of lacquer. Otherwise, the wood becomes bare, worn and loses its beautiful color. Therefore paint the floor with a wear-resistant lacquer paint with some regularity and you will have years of pleasure from your beautiful floor in no time. For some, maintenance is a stumbling block. However, if you know how to maintain wood, then it is best. The maintenance does not have to be an obstacle to purchasing such a beautiful floor. If you want Free Timber Floor Polishing quotes click here.

  1. What better to do?

Do you suffer from stains on the floor or footprints then it is possible that too much detergent is used or that the used cleaning agent is too greasy? Do not use aggressive agents such as ammonia or abrasive. This can damage the top layer of the wood. Do not walk with dirty shoes through the garden or front door and do not move furniture or earthenware plant pots without protection underneath. In short, think carefully about everything in the house that could possibly damage the floor.

  1. What else?

It is important to keep the wooden floor clean and sweep, mop or clean several times a week with a good cleaning product. If the wood is not clean after cleaning, clean it again with a combination of water and cleaning vinegar. If the floor is damaged, has a dull appearance or if it shows wears, then it is important to paint the floor once again. Not all types of wood need to be varnished. For example, solid wood is only thoroughly cleaned and afterwards, a layer of wax or oil is applied. With normal use, this is only necessary once a year. Do it per part of the room so you do not have to remove all furniture from the room.

  1. Types of treatments

The different types of wood each require a different treatment. A rough wooden floor is only cleaned and provided with a layer of oil or wax. Parquet flooring, on the other hand, is sanded once every few years and provided with a layer of wear-resistant, transparent lacquer. When exactly needed, depends on the type of wood, use, quality of the floor and maintenance. With a lighter wood type, you can better opt for paint. This, therefore, retains its beautiful light color. When you choose an operation with wax, you first have to apply a layer of oil. Wax is quite laborious. It has to be polished regularly with a polishing machine. Wax oil is a combination of wax and oil. You apply this in two layers so this saves you an operation. Finally, there is oil. An oil layer protects the floor and gives a nice appearance. An oil layer must be replaced once every few years. Each product has a different look and appearance to go to a flooring store to view different samples.

  1. Maintenance

The main maintenance of the wooden floor, therefore, consists of protecting, regular and thorough cleaning and once every few years replacing the lacquer, oil or wax layer. If you do not have any sense or time to do the major maintenance yourself, you can of course also call in an expert. This can also give advice on which product and method of maintenance are most suitable for your floor.

  1. Tips to treat the floor in the right way

For the proper maintenance and use of your wooden floor, it is important to follow a few basic rules. Therefore, follow these six tips to protect the floor in the right way:

  • Use a soft broom so that the floor is not damaged by sand and dirt.
  • Place a good, soft doormat at the front door that absorbs well.
  • The place felt caps under furniture and tables so that sliding these furniture does not scratch the wooden floor
  • The ideal temperature in the house is 20 ° Celsius and the best humidity is 60-70%. This prevents the shrinking or expansion of the wooden floor.
  • Clean the floor with a mop that is well wrung out and use little water. If necessary, the appropriate cleaning material for the chosen wood type can be added.
  • Chewing gum or candle wax can easily be scraped off the wood and then cleaned or brushed with a little oil or wax on a soft, lint-free cloth.


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