What Makes Vinyl Replacement Windows Energy Efficient

What Makes Vinyl Replacement Windows Energy Efficient

It’s hot out now, but cooler temperatures are just around the corner. Worried about the heating costs the coming winter? This cold season, expect to be set back by anything upwards of $3000. If you have an electric heating system, you could be even looking at a $7000 heating bill this cold season.

In case you are lucky enough to live a warm place, you only need to worry about air conditioning. Even air conditioning ramps up the electric bill steeply during the hot summer months.

Experts highly recommend switching to vinyl replacement windows. This helps you cut down on about 25% of the energy costs.

What is it about vinyl replacement windows that helps you cut down on your energy costs?

We will give you a quick low down on the reasons why.

    1. Vinyl keeps the outside heat at bay

If you have had aluminum frame windows, you would know what we are talking about. Materials like aluminum act as a great conductor of the blistering heat outside. They transfer it right into our living spaces. We have no option but to crank up the air conditioning.

That’s the beauty of vinyl windows. It doesn’t bring anything within the home from the outside. If it is a hot summer, Vinyl windows do not act as a conductor of the warmth. You can save a fair bit on your air conditioning costs by switching to vinyl windows.

    2. Vinyl Replacement Windows are like air tight mason jars

Wooden windows steal the heat from your living spaces and leak it out into the open. This causes a leakage of heat and makes your heating system inefficient. Spent a ton of money every winter heating up the house? Well, your wooden windows have been stealing from you. It’s high time you wised up and switched to vinyl replacement windows. These vinyl windows are like the most air tight mason jars. They seal the heat in your living spaces and do not leak anything away. They also do not let in any cold drafts through cracks or joints. The vinyl windows do not develop tiny cracks unlike wood. They also stay sealed at the joints.

What Makes Vinyl Replacement Windows Energy Efficient

    3. The glass works as extra heavy duty insulation

The glass panes used in the vinyl replacement windows are not single layer, single panes. Usually 2, sometimes 3 panes are used in layers. Between the layers of glass, air or argon is filled in. Both the layers of glass as well as the gas filled in between act as thermal insulators. They do not allow the heat to come in from the outside. Nor do they allow the heat to escape from within.

    4. Bigger windows don’t mean compromising on climate control

How many times have you been tempted to put in 8 or 10 feet high windows, only to give up on the thought of controlling the temperatures within? Well, you don’t have to compromise anymore. Go for the French windows. Go for floor to ceiling glass façade windows. (cialis online) Vinyl replacement windows are perfect insulators and will not leak away the heat. They will not let in heat from outside, no matter how big they are.

Why compromise on beauty or the theme of your living spaces? Want that European architectural feel? Go get it. The vinyl replacement windows allow for it without jacking up your energy costs.


Vinyl replacement windows are super energy efficient. ENERGY STAR suggests low heat transference frames, multiple glass panes, gas filling between the layers and warm edge spacers to keep the windows energy efficient. Vinyl replacement windows can fulfill all these criteria. Don’t take our word for it, you can check out the energy star ratings before you buy.

Author Bio: Matt Rotondi owns Zen Windows Boston. He’s a Boston native with extensive experience in the home services industry. When he’s not installing windows, he loves blogging about them to help homeowners find the best window solutions for their homes.


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