Enjoying the Great Outdoors – Pitching a Tent in Kakadu

Enjoying the Great Outdoors – Pitching a Tent in Kakadu

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Base Camp

Getting the chance to visit fantastic tourist attractions in Kakadu, Australia after being picked up at your luxury hotel is one thing, but if we get closer to the action with a campground spot, we should have a much better time. Camping enthusiasts who have stopped in a number of camping parks all over Australia may be well informed about the many awe-inspiring sites to visit in this region of the Northern Territory of Australia. It stands to reason that people camping in the official campgrounds in Kakadu will think about going on a guided fishing trip. However, most people booking up one of these excursions will prefer to be taken from their camp to one of the fishing spots as it would feel like more of an adventure. Of course, angling enthusiasts who plan to fish for their supper are likely to have a proper campfire ready for when they get back after a day’s casting their bait. However, making sure we have brought all the right gear needed for successful camping is absolutely essential. Indeed, the last thing we would want is to realise we have not packed a big bottle of mosquito spray and a large net for our sleeping area. By spending some time with an online search, inexperienced campers about to head out to Kakadu in Australia should be able to obtain some valuable information.  Travel blogs are certainly a good place to start for novice campers who could do with some tips on how to make the most of a camping trip. Knowing how to pitch a tent properly as well as being aware of safety matters could make or break this kind of holiday adventure.

Camping Activities

Although most people camping in the jaw-dropping area of Kakadu in the Australian Northern Territory are going to focus on daytime pursuits whilst on their trip, there are plenty of things to do around the camp once the sun has gone down. Apart from the usual campfire parties involving a few beers,  (which you can make on your own at home), barbecued food and a guitar, lots of camping enthusiasts booking Kakadu accommodation look forward to popular games whilst camping at night such as cards or charades. In fact, there are many websites about activities that campers will enjoy. Whether we have been on a camping trip in Australia’s Northern Territory before or not, reading articles about the ins and outs of this popular kind of break would be wise. Of course, travellers planning to book up a space on one of the campgrounds in Kakadu can find a wealth of information on successful camping such as:

  1. Search for a camping spot before dark
  2. Choose a sleeping bag appropriate for the climate
  3. Pack suitable clothing for the trip
  4. Avoid bugs and poisonous plants
  5. Practice good hygiene at all times

Happy Campers

It goes without saying that holidaymakers who have a great experience whilst camping in the enchanting region of Kakadu in Australia are going to rave on about their vacation to their friends once they return home. And if these happy campers made sure they booked up with one of the more reputable providers of accommodation in Kakadu, their reviews of their trip are bound to really impress folk back home. But even though there are many companies with a good name in this particular niche in the travel industry, it pays to shop around before making a commitment with an online booking. Camping trips enjoyed with one of the leading providers of these sorts of tours in Kakadu are after all, just a click away.


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