DIY Kitchen Painting Ideas for a Budget Makeover

DIY Kitchen Painting Ideas for a Budget Makeover

Giving your kitchen that youthful glow (while staying on budget!)

Did you know that giving your home a makeover can be as easy as splashing it with a fresh coat of paint? When it comes to the vitality of your home, your kitchen generally shows age the most quickly. However, if done right, a facelift in the kitchen can take at least 10 to 15 years off your entire house.

Purchasing new kitchen appliances, countertops, fixtures, and cabinets can run you into the ground pretty quickly, but that doesn’t mean that a kitchen makeover is impossible while trying to stay within your budget. Upgrading your kitchen’s appearance can be as easy as applying some fresh make-up with a bit of new color.

DIY Network shares that a room can be completely transformed by a single can of paint. How and where to apply the paint, and what colors to use, is the key to giving your kitchen the youthful appearance that you so desire.

If your cabinets are still sporting the heavy wood appearance of the 80’s, lightening them up a bit with a classic white, fresh taupe, or modern slate grey color, can drastically reduce the aging that quickly becomes apparent upon entering your kitchen.

Instead of giving friends and family alike the feeling that your home is stuck in another decade, dedicating a free Sunday to sprucing up your kitchen cabinets, can give the entire space a new shine. First impressions are everything, and once your guests lay eyes on your kitchen’s new look, blushing in it’s youthful glow, their view of your entire home will be transformed.

Another way to take years off your kitchen’s appearance, is to pour on the color by adding a bold accent wall. Joanna Gaines, from the hit show Fixer Upper, shares that brighter color shades can easily be used, when you balance them with other lighter and more subtle color elements in the same room.

Even if your kitchen already has a healthy color scheme that keeps it looking youthful, it still may need to be freshened up a bit. Splashes, spills, and suds are a given in any kitchen, so professional painters typically recommends applying a fresh coat of elastomeric paint, which will provide a waterproof finish and keep things looking clean and fresh.

Applying waterproof paint to your kitchen walls helps to cover your kitchen’s age-ridden blemishes, and will give it a clear complexion, making the room shine.

If your cabinets and walls are already on point, it might be your kitchen furniture and other decor that are adding years to your kitchen’s appearance. That doesn’t mean that you need to go out and splurge on the latest home furnishings however. Try painting accent furniture, such as kitchen chairs, to add color and vitality to an otherwise dead room.

This could be as simple as painting your kitchen chairs a light canary yellow, and adding some fresh yellow flowers to your countertop to match!

Looking for still another creative way to update your kitchen space? Try using Idea Paint, in order to create your very own modern-style white board. This easy-to-use paint can be applied in a classic white color, or as a clear coat over any paint color. Idea Paint makes it easy to use dry-erase markers on your walls in order to organize schedules, make grocery lists, and remind yourself about an upcoming date that you don’t want yourself (or your significant other!) to forget about.

No matter what route you choose to bring your kitchen to the fountain of youth, following any of these DIY kitchen painting suggestions, will make it quite easy to keep your kitchen reno quick, easy, and within budget. Now go have fun giving your kitchen it’s much deserved day at the spa!


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