5 Worst Foods that Cause Bad Breath

5 Worst Foods that Cause Bad Breath

Of course, you strictly observe dental hygiene like brushing twice a day—which also entails brushing your tongue. You also floss daily, all in a bid to kill the bad breath and keep your mouth clean, fresh, and healthy. Despite all the efforts, you sometimes get this bad breath—but why?

This shouldn’t be a major cause of alarm since it’s greatly as a result of the foods we consume—which on the other hand serve great purposes to our bodies.

5 Foods That Cause Foul Breath

5 Worst Foods that Cause Bad Breath

1. Onions

Onions contain sulfuric compounds that normally get absorbed into your bloodstream anytime you consume it. The odor is carried all the way to your lungs—where it’s excreted and you end up getting the bad breath when you least expect it.

Unfortunately, the undesirable breath can last up to 3 days which of course can be annoying and embarrassing.  But consider brushing after the take-in and also use mouthwashes to help mask the odor (although for a short period of time).

5 Worst Foods that Cause Bad Breath

2. Garlic

Garlic falls under the same category as onions given that they’re of the same plant family (Allium). Just like onions, garlic also produces sulfuric compound (known as allyl methyl sulfide) which is absorbed into your bloodstream whenever you consume garlic—implying that it can leave the odor in most parts of your body (through the pores) other than the tongue. However, the most (odor) will be transported to the lungs where it’ll freely escape through your mouth.

Moreover, garlic provides a perfect environment for the thriving of bad breath-causing microbes in your mouth and hence making it almost impossible to get rid of the breath. Always consider brushing after eating, floss, and rinse twice daily. Above all, avoid overconsumption of garlic considering that the effect is proportional to the amount consumed.

5 Worst Foods that Cause Bad Breath

3. Canned Fish

Canned fish will obviously exhibit a particular scent due to oxidization.  A good example is tuna fish—which is rich in proteins blended with numerous health benefits like lowering your cholesterol levels as well as your blood pressure. However, when you feed on it, the smell is never going to fade away hence leaving you with an unpleasant fishy breath.

Consider using lemon—just sprinkle it onto the fish before eating to reduce the odor. Brush immediately after eating, but in case you’re unable to, a couple of chewing gums will do.

5 Worst Foods that Cause Bad Breath

4. Tomatoes

This is just an example of the foods high in acids. As you know the acidic environment is a perfect thriving zone for the bacteria believed to be responsible for the unpleasant mouth breath. To keep the odor at bay, ensure you brush immediately after eating. But the best practice is to avoid the overconsumption of such acidic foods.

5 Worst Foods that Cause Bad Breath

5. Dairy

Dairy products are a good source of protein to the body, but they can be disastrous as well. Other than your body, the bacteria commonly found on your tongue also fight for the beneficial ingredients from the milk you consume (the bacteria feed on the amino acids) thereafter leaving you with an unpleasant breath.

Sugary dairy products are also detrimental when it comes to your mouth’s hygiene considering that sugar is one great product with regard to bacteria multiplication. So, good dental hygiene practice is mandatory.


You don’t have to quit eating these 5 foods, but always ensure good oral hygiene to keep the bad breath at bay.  Be sure to discuss the condition with your dentist and continue to keep your semi-annual dentist visits.

Brush twice a day and floss daily to sweep away all the stuck food particles from your gums and teeth. However, ensure you brush after consuming most of these foods to mask the odor. You may as well consider taking foods like apples, ginger, and cinnamon, to help in suppressing the odor.

Guest Author Bio: Dr. Holly Gregory a Houston-based dentist and operates Houston Dental Implants, Family Dentistry, Oral Surgery And Periodontics in Humble, Texas. The Texas native is a mother who loves to educate other parents about dental health.


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