Camping destinations just outside of Adelaide

Camping destinations just outside of Adelaide

There’s nothing quite like being outdoors. The fresh air, surrounded by nature, and a generally peaceful feeling; it’s no wonder a lot of people are choosing to go camping over the weekend.

However, not everyone has time to drive outside of the city for a camping trip. After all, we have jobs to do and families to attend to. Luckily, if you live near Adelaide, you don’t have to drive too far for a good camping spot.

As you make plans for an exciting camping trip, consider these spots near Adelaide:

Deep Creek Conservation Park

It’s never too early to introduce your kids to the joys of camping. Deep Creek Conservation Park is just the place to take your kids for their first camping trip. The grounds have five campsites, each with their own facilities and designed for different types of campers.

What’s more, camping isn’t the only thing you can do in the area. There are trails you and your family can hike through the day, and by sunset, you can start a campfire (following the campsite strict guidelines) and sit back and relax.

In order to set up camp here, you need to make reservations through their website to ensure a spot.

Saunders Gorge

Are you a fan of 4WDs? Saunders Gorge has tracks just for this on their campsite. Located near the town of Mt. Pleasant, Saunders Gorge has their campsite and 4WD tracks in the same location and is run by the same group of people.

Now, you can blow off some steam from work by leaving your troubles behind and going as fast and hard as you can through these tracks and more.

Interested to spend a weekend here with your buddies and some beer? Book a reservation with them today to make it a reality.

Morgan Conservation Park

There was a time when camping meant literally ‘roughing it out’ in the wild. Camp like your grandparents before you did at the Morgan Conservation Park.

You need to make a reservation to camp here, but you have to decide where to pitch your tent. Although there are hardly any restrictions, it is easy to tell where previous campers had set up their sites, so it is best to pitch your tents there rather than creating a new one.

Travelling to this campsite in smaller groups is advised, as it has proven to be a challenge to find a large enough space for bigger groups.

Chalks Campground, Mt. Crawford

If you’re not up for a long drive, Chalks Campground, located just an hour from Adelaide may be the spot to go for you. The campsite does not require booking, but you will need a permit in order to set up your tent here.

The campground is vast, so even though there isn’t much privacy, you can pitch your tent as far from the other campers as you’d like. And with trees all over the park, you can enjoy the shade, making it the most ideal for families bringing their kids along.

Newland Head Conservation Park

These days, more and more people are enjoying their camping trips aboard their campervans. But of course, nothing beats the challenge of setting up tents and looking up at the stars after dinner. Newland Head Conservation Park may not be the best looking campground, but it is built just right for tent campers.

Located less than 15 minutes from Victor Harbor, and 2 hours from Adelaide, Newland Head Conservation Park is home to two beaches: Waitpinga and Parsons, both are popular destinations for surfers and fishers alike.

Here, you can set up camp and catch your dinner or a few waves; a perfect way to spend the weekend for those looking for some outdoor fun in the sun. Don’t forget to make your booking before going to ensure a spot in the campground.

Have you chosen a spot? Then make the necessary preparation and get ready to enjoy a weekend of fun away from the city. But before you go, don’t forget to book an SUV from a car hire service in Adelaide to make sure there’s enough room for you and your camping gear.


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