5 Different Types of Elevated Work Platforms

5 Different Types of Elevated Work Platforms

Elevated work platforms are also known as elevating work platforms or aerial work platforms. They are the best ways in which you can legally maximize on your job efforts. You can opt for any type depending on where you are working and what type of job you are doing.

Besides, most of these elevated work platforms are a one-man job, from set-up to operation. Moreover, they usually have extra features from electrical outlets, to carrying frames. So always, make your selection with regard to your type of job.

Nonetheless, safety comes first here. Therefore, if you are hiring, ensure that the operation person has enough training to handle it and the job at hand.

In relation, you should check the credibility and reputation of the manufacturer before buying or hiring. You can start with this elevated work platforms (EWP) manufacturer, Redmond Gary Equipment if you are in Australia.

Elevated work platforms can either be self-propelled machines that can just trail the way you want and at times, you can mount it on the back of a truck.

Here Are Different Types of Elevated Work Platforms

Here are five different types of elevating work platforms you can choose from, depending on the job at hand.

1.      The Boom Lift

This is also known as the Spider, as it resembles a spider with four legs. It also resembles a cherry picker and is usually set up outside the building.

It was originally designed for orchards as it allowed people to pick fruits from high up. However, nowadays it is a very valuable asset in the construction industry. It can also be of use for firefighters in areas that are hard to access. Moreover, some people use it to spruce up tall trees and maintain the overhead lines.

This elevated work platform has a bucket at the end of the boom, where workers often stand to access their work area. Besides, it has durable tires for covering uneven terrain.

2.      Scissor Lift

This type of elevated work platform only moves vertically, up and down. This makes them a bit limited when it comes to using. They cannot even reach the maximum height and are often limited to indoor use, mostly for basic maintenance and paint jobs.

Besides, its bucket is big enough to accommodate multiple workers as well as their other work equipment. In relation, it may come with an extending bridge for a closer access to work areas.

However, there are much more rough terrain scissor lifts that can be of use outdoors. You just have to look for it.

3.      Telescopic Boom Lifts

This type of aerial work platform is for covering areas that are at a direct angle or those that are straight above. It does not bend or curve over obstacles and is best for jobs that require a maximum reach. These can range from electrical repair jobs to window washing and other related maintenance jobs.

4.      Articulated Boom Lifts

This elevated work platform is also known as a knuckle lift. This is because it has an extended arm that can bend, curve and reach up and over different kinds of obstacles. The image usually resembles your finger when bent. Besides, it has a base turntable that allows for a full circle swivel.

It is best for hard maintenance jobs in terms of reach and access, even piped areas. Likewise, they can be of use in uneven terrain.

5.      Aerial Lift

This is used to access utility lines and other jobs that are above ground. Although it can be used to describe a scissor or boom lift, this elevated work platform is mostly used for outdoor jobs like accessing electrical lines and tall trees.

Moreover, an operator on the platform often controls it and safety is always a big issue with it. Employers must ensure that their employees are safe, that means employing qualified personnel, and ensuring their equipment is in tip-top shape.

Besides, operators should always be aware of their surroundings when operating this equipment. Likewise, they should wear the appropriate work gear for safety purposes.


In conclusion, you can do more research on elevated work platforms if you want to hire or buy any. This way you get what you pay for. Likewise, do your research on different company manufacturers and settle for the best. Otherwise, you risk a lot starting with fatalities like electrocutions, falls and collapses.


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