Choosing The Best Earrings For Your Child

Choosing The Best Earrings For Your Child

There is hardly a little girl that would not love a pair of earrings as a gift. So many parents take their children to have their ears pierced nowadays, it has almost become a ritual that very few skip. And it is only natural, since girls are really keen on dressing up and playing with jewellery and dresses, thus copying their mothers and older sisters. Once the initial healing period for pierced ears has passed, it is time to experiment and a fun and exciting world of variety opens up. There are so many models and styles of child earrings to choose from, that it is almost overwhelming.

With all the richness of choice, selecting the best earrings for your child does require some extra considerations. While it is true that infants, toddlers and small children can and do wear them safely, some materials and types will be more appropriate for your little one than others.

Choose The Hypoallergenic Type

The material your child’s earrings are made of must be gentle on the ears. Ensuring that before you buy should be your first concern. Non-hypoallergenic earrings usually contain nickel, which is a prominent cause of skin allergies. You can find out more about what metals might cause a reaction at Even if your child has not shown any allergy-proneness or reaction to materials before, you definitely want to stay on the safe side regarding anything that comes into contact with the delicate child skin.

Hypoallergenic earrings are logically more expensive than non-hypoallergenic ones. This is often true in the cases when the material used is sterling silver, gold or platinum (even though sterling silver does contain a certain amount of nickel as well!). Nobel metals rarely if ever cause reactions, so they are a common choice for hypoallergenic jewellery. There are, however, more budget-friendly alternatives, such as surgical steel and titanium, which cost more than nickel, but provide a safer alternative for newly pierced and child ears.

They Should Be Difficult To Remove By Children  

When you are used to wearing earrings yourself, you tend to look for models that are easy to put on and take off. If you are shopping for your little one, however, aim at the complete opposite. Consider the likelihood of losing an earring or it becoming a choking hazard, especially when the child is still an infant or toddler. The more difficult it is to loosen or remove the item, the better. Screwback earrings, for example, are the key to avoiding issues in this respect.

What makes them so secure to use? Well, they have a threaded post that you have to precisely screw the back of the earrings against, hence the name. Once in place, it is virtually impossible to remove by clumsy little hands. An additional merit to the screwback kind is the fact that the back covers the end of the post, which means that the child can lay on either side without sharp metal poking the gentle area behind the ears.

Earring Styles For Different Ages  

Choosing The Best Earrings For Your Child

When it comes to earring styles for children, there are tons of options. If you don’t believe it, check this out! Which one you will go for depends on two main things – the age of your child and the exact look you are trying to complement by  adding this piece of jewellery. There are three main styles – studs, huggies and hoops.

Studs are quite small and are placed flat against the front of the ear. They usually feature cute designs, such as food, animals or circular shapes. You can see them decorated with beautiful crystals or featuring a certain fun theme, such as a sea holiday, for example. Hoops are ring-like shapes and huggies encompass the earlobe closely, as the name itself conveys. They are noticeably bigger than studs, and huggies are often covered with colourful crystals. Hoops usually have a simple design but might feature a dangling pendant or other decoration as well.

Hoops, Huggies Or Studs?

As the simplest kind of child earrings, studs have the advantage of being lightweight, barely noticeable, and difficult to get in the hair or tug at. All these characteristics make them the perfect choice for babies and toddlers. They are safe, delicate and beautiful at the same time, so there is really nothing more suitable for newly pierced ears.

Huggies are another quite suitable option. They are a little more noticeable and provide some extra flair, but at the same time have the comfortable close fit that makes them easy to wear. While they are more suited to older girls, a smaller-size huggies are still safe enough for a baby girl as well.

Hoop earrings provide a look of style and sophistication like nothing else does. They can, however, get easily caught in their owner’s hair or clothes, which means that only girls who are old enough will be able to treat them with the appropriate care. Hoops are for the girl who will be proud to wear that item that makes her look more mature and gets her closer to matching the earring styles of her mother or big sister.

  Choosing The Best Earrings For Your Child

The Earrings Should Ultimately Fit Her Personality  

After considering all available options, the choice of earrings ultimately boils down to what will suit best the girl you are getting them for. Think about her eye colour, temperament and the designs she will most likely love wearing. Does she like playing princess? A crown-shaped pair of earrings will send her dancing around the room. Or maybe she loves animals and never goes to bed without her teddy bear or another toy animal? Get her some paw-shaped studs, a pair of owls or elephants.

No matter what your little girl’s tastes are, with so many choices around, you are bound to find a pair of earrings she will love. And, if this is her very first pair, it will be a gift to cherish and remember for a lifetime.


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