The Best Backpacking Food Ideas for Adventurers

The Best Backpacking Food Ideas for Adventurers

Backpacking is one of the most interesting and exciting activities that you can perform. Ideal for those who love a sense of adventure, it allows you to get first hand experiences of various places and cultures of the world.

You need to carry the right food when backpacking. This nutrition should be lightweight, packed full of calories, have a long shelf life and be easy to cook. There are special food items that are manufactured for backpacking. However, it is possible to create appropriate backpacking recipes using food items available in the grocery store.

Read on to discover the Best Backpacking Food Ideas available today.

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Breakfast backpacking food ideas

For those mornings when you get up and are immediately on the move, there is a perfect recipe for a mobile breakfast. It involves a combination of high energy bites such as the Granola bar and the Honey Stinger.

You can also have a protein bar along with these high energy sources. No cooking is required for these biting as they are ready to eat right out of the package.

If you have some time to prepare your breakfast before heading out, you can try out the cooked grain breakfast. It combines oatmeal, quinoa, grits and wheat cream. Boil the grains in water and garnish with dried fruit such as blueberries, fresh sliced apples, strawberries or even cinnamon.

This backpackers’ breakfast can be prepared using a small or integrated canister stove.

Backpacking brunch meals

You can have a bite before lunchtime with this recipe. Simply prepare some potatoes with vegetables. These can be enjoyed with cheese, bacon or a dehydrated egg. The potatoes can be fresh from the grocery store.

 Alternatively, they can be frozen hash browns or dehydrated too. For the vegetables, you can carry along some frozen corn, zucchini, onions or bell peppers. The cheese is ideal when added after your vegetables are fully prepared.

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Lunchtime meal

At noon, it is important to bite on simple meals that require no preparation. This can be a combination of energy bars, dried fruits and beef jerky. You can pack these at home before embarking on your day’s activities. This is so that you can pack all your favorites.

In case you prefer to prepare your lunchtime meal while on the trail, you can whip up some Good Old Raisins and Peanuts (GORP). This is a combination of nuts such as almonds, peanuts, walnuts and sunflower seeds.

You can add some of your favorite dried fruits into the mixture as well Chocolate is a tasty addition to the GORP that adds flavor and is a great source of energy. A handy tip is to use chocolate chips. This is because they do not melt as quickly as regular milk chocolate.

If you are pressed for time and simply need to have a quick lunch, you can carry along your Chicken, Tuna and Salmon packets. These are high protein packages that are easier to handle than tin cans and provide you with instant, satisfying energy.

These packets are ideal for preparing wraps and sandwiches. They are easily available in camping and backpacking provision stores. If you are looking for a reliable backpacking equipment, there’s many great reviews on so make so to check it out!

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Backpackers’ dinner

After a long day of trekking and exploring, you should settle down to a satisfying dinner. You can cook a stew featuring fresh, dehydrated or dried vegetables. Italian herbs and cayenne are ideal for this purpose.

They can be had alongside healthy servings of noodles. To add flavor and body to the meal, Sierra Soups are a great choice. There are some gluten-free and all natural varieties available. A canister stove is perfect for preparing this meal of the day.

Fit for a soldier

By preparing your backpacker meals as indicated above, you can create a nutrition regimen that maximizes on energy retention similar to that which is utilized by the SEALS.

You can train your body’s digestive and energy systems to respond to particular nutrition at specific times of the day. This will allow you to accomplish your daily trekking objectives as a backpacker with enthusiasm, strength and confidence.

Backpacking is fun, exhilarating and always exciting. To get a wholesome experience, it is necessary to consume the right foods throughout your day. Some excellent recipes have been indicated above. You can follow them and get some ideal sustenance to help you conquer new territories daily.


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