Gracefully Entertaining Hungry Weekend Guests

Gracefully Entertaining Hungry Weekend Guests

One of the hardest parts of entertaining is providing enough food for everyone. When the entertaining spans the entire weekend, this problem is compounded. You don’t want anyone to go hungry, and you want to make sure everyone’s dietary concerns are covered. Use the following tips to help you survive and actually enjoy yourself.

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No hostess wants to spend all morning cooking. Instead, purchase foods that can be left out buffet style like doughnuts, cereal, and fruit. For a hot meal, have a crockpot of sausage gravy ready to go with a basket of biscuits near by. You can also have the toaster plugged in with a variety of breads set out.


Make up a tray of lunch meats and cheese ahead of time. Set this out for lunch along with buns and an assortment of condiments. Make a salad and fill bowls with chips for side dishes. Finish with a plate of brownies for dessert.


Choose a casserole style meal that you can make ahead of time and then simply pop it in the oven when you need it. A really easy one is lasagna. Once heated, serve with a vegetable tray and Italian bread. A pre-sliced pie or cake will make the perfect dessert. Use disposable foil pans when possible to shorten clean-up time.


You can’t possibly be ready to serve food every time a guest gets hungry. You would be in the kitchen all day and night. Instead, be sure to leave out snacks like cookies, fruit, and chips throughout the weekend. Respect others dietary needs with things like gluten free snack crackers from places like Milton’s Craft Bakers.

Having a plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will ease your mind, and picking foods that can be made ahead of time will allow you to enjoy your company. If all goes well, you’ll be receiving one compliment after another all weekend long.


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