8 Awesome Jobs You Can Do from Home

8 Awesome Jobs You Can Do from Home

Living in the digital age means many doors have been opened to being able to work successfully from home. At-home jobs can be a great alternative if you need to stay home for health reasons, or if you have young children, or if you just like working in a solitary environment. Below are some great options on work from home jobs.

  1. AirBNB Host

This is good for anyone who has spare space in their home and likes to meet new people. AirBNB is a short-term rental site that allows listing of properties for guests who are vacationing in your area to book. Keeping a clean house is important, as well as being a good host. This can pay out on average over nine hundred dollars a month.

  1. Pet Sitter

This is perfect for dog lovers or animal lovers in general. With this job, you watch people’s dogs for pay. Pet sitting can be a therapeutic and fun way to make some extra money. You can set your own rates, and choose to either host the dog, or go to the dog owner’s house. Potential pay for this job can be up to one thousand dollars a month.

  1. Direct Salesperson or Consultant

This would be good for someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit, loves to meet new kinds of people, and has a lot of energy. These can be anything from Pampered Chef to Mary Kay to Rodan + Fields. Over time, you will build a base of clientele to whom you sell products. Everything can be done by phone, which is very helpful for those with young children. A typical at home consultant can make around twenty to thirty five percent in commissions a month.

For these jobs, apply directly through the company you are interested in.

  1. Virtual Assistant

These types of jobs are great for someone who is highly organized and has a good ability to multitask. There are many companies that will hire self-employed virtual assistants to save on costs. These people perform tasks such as managing calendars, replying to emails, entering data, and managing social media accounts. Jobs in this field can bring in anywhere from ten to fifteen dollars an hour.

  1. Surveys

This type of at home job is great for someone who likes to give feedback. These jobs require you to take opinion polls, review products, or answer questions about shopping habits. Generally, the pay is through a mailed check, PayPal, or points redeemed for gift cards. You can earn anywhere from one to fifty dollars per survey.

  1. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is someone who listens to audio files and types out what they hear. This is a flexible job that requires no prior experience. All that is required is a computer and a keyboard to get the ball rolling. You could be transcribing anything from a doctor’s medical dictation to a college lecture, and most companies will allow you to make your own hours. Transcriptionists can make up to twenty five dollars per hour or more.

  1. Website Tester

A lot of companies pay online testers to ensure that websites are easy to navigate for users. This is a really good job for those who are detail oriented. It only takes around fifteen minutes per test. Those interested in these types of jobs earn ten to fifteen dollars per test.

  1. Vlogger

Do people constantly ask you for that pie recipe of yours, or how you get your hair to look so good? For many people, creating a YouTube account and channel for a hobby that they enjoy is a great way to make extra money.

All you need is a digital camera or smartphone to record yourself doing demonstrations on your hobby of choice. You then upload this demonstration to YouTube. YouTube will then place ads near or inside your video that will give you profit. Make sure to create a unique spin on the video you are presenting. Payment is dependent on how many people click on your video; it is generally one to two dollars per one thousand hits.


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